Quest:Instance: Mists of Anduin

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Instance: Mists of Anduin
Level 75
Type Solo only
Starts with Nona
Starts at Brown Lands
Start Region The Great River
Map Ref [32.9S, 50.6W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 6
Reflecting Pool Great River Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Mists of Anduin
"Has no one seen our new friend...or the Dunlending girl? I thought they would have returned to Stangard by now. Did some trouble befall them on the road?"


You are returning with Nona to Stangard, in order to regroup and plan your next move.

Objective 1

You are walking through the Rushgore with Nona when she stops and wants to talk to you about something.

Nona: 'We have a long way to go, <name>. As much as I wish we did not need to refuge at the town of the horse-lords, it seems we must. We have lost the trail of this creature, this wraith of which you speak, and until we can learn where it has gone we are only wasting time.
'It is frustrating to know our purpose and be unable to accomplish it!'

Objective 2

  • Walk with Nona through the Rushgore

You are walking through the Rushgore with Nona when she stops and wants to talk to you about something.

Nona says, "Well, let us keep walking."
Nona says, "I will tell you a story Suvulch used to tell my brother and me when we were young."
Nona says, "It will help pass the time."
Nona says, "Long ago, there was a man named Freca who lived among the horse-lords. He was wealthy and strong."
Nona says, "His hair was dark, like that of my people. He had Dunlendish blood in his veins."
Nona says, "He desired a marriage match between his son Wulf and the King of the Horse-lords' daughter."
Nona says, "This king, Helm the Hated, refused Freca's offer with insult, and violence."
Nona says, "He lured Freca to a desolate place, alone, and slew him with treachery."
Nona says, "And then... what? What is it?"
Nona says, "Easterlings! Get ready to fight, <name>!"
Nona says, "There will be more of them, <name>. Let us get off the main path."
Nona says, "Do you feel that?"
Nona says, "I don't feel safe here, <name>. Let us go up among the rocks."

Objective 3

  • Talk to Nona atop the rocky rise in the Rushgore

Nona is standing on a small rise amidst rocks in the Rushgore.

Some terrible presence has come near to you in the Rushgore.

Nona: 'Something is near, <name>! It must be the wraith we have sought... it makes my blood run cold!'
Nona looks at you with wide eyes, and you are suddenly reminded that she has not had much experience with creatures of such evil. She puts her hand on the hilt of Wadu's sword, her sword, and her former fright is replaced with grim determination.
'We found it. Now what do we do with it?'
Nona says, "I hear something."
Nona says, "Look there! Do you see that?"

Objective 4

  • Survive your encounter with great evil in the Rushgore

An evil presence has come to the Rushgore, and you are in great danger!

Nona's sword flashes with a bright light, and the Nazgûl flees from it!
Nona says, "Ha! Coward!"
Nona says, "More Easterlings! Get ready!"

Objective 5

There are Easterlings in the mists of the Rushgore, and something worse beside!

Nona says, "<name>! The big one is running for his friends! Follow him!"

Objective 6

An Easterling has attempted to escape, and you need to defeat him before he alerts his fellows.

Khundolar Captain: 'I will not run from you. I am your better. My people have powerful friends. I will show them how strong a man of the Khundolar can be!'
  • Defeat the Khundolar Captain
Your mighty blow defeated the Khundolar Captain
Suddenly, a woman's scream pierces the stillness! Nona is in trouble!

Objective 7

  • The Nazgûl stands atop the hill. You need to find a means of driving it off!

Nona is somewhere in the Rushgore, and it sounds like she's in trouble!

You hastily grab the fallen torch, burning your hand!
The Nazgûl shrinks away from the blazing fire!

Objective 8

  • Find Nona! She is in grave danger!

Nona is somewhere in the Rushgore, and it sounds like she's in trouble!

Nona: Nona lies crumpled on the ground before you, soaked in the blood from a sword-wound in her side. She struggles weakly to speak.
'<name>... are you...?'
The effort is too great for her; she needs the aid of a healer if she is to survive this wound. In the back of your mind, one worrying question refuses to go away. From what blade did she take this wound? Did an Easterling blade cause this injury, or was it the blade of the Nazgûl?
You prepare yourself for the long journey back to Stangard with Nona.

Objective 9

  • Bring Nona to Stangard for the healing she needs

You have brought Nona to Stangard, but do not know if the Rohirrim will be able to save her life.

Objective 10

  • Talk to Nona where she lies in Stangard

You have brought Nona to Stangard, but do not know if the Rohirrim will be able to save her life.

Nona: '<name>... is everything... all right?'
Nona's breathing is ragged and shallow, and the gash in her side still bleeds around the cloths with which you tried to staunch it.
When you brought her to Stangard she was barely conscious. You found Horn near the entrance and begged for his people to tend to Nona's hurts. He sought out the leader of Stangard to see what could be done, and has not yet returned.
Nona says, "What were we... saying...?"
Nona says, "Freca...?"
Nona says, "Wulf... avenged..."
Afic says, "What did she say?"
Afic says, "Oh, I know what it was. She mentioned Wulf! Dunlending traitor!"
Afic says, "His treacherous father tried to kill mighty Helm! And then the son invaded Rohan and sat in Meduseld!"
Afic says, "Let her die, I say. Whatever made that sword-stroke did my people a favour."
  • Wait for Horn to return from consulting the leader of Stangard
Horn says, "I have his decision."

Objective 11

  • Talk to Horn in Stangard

Horn is waiting to speak to you about the price for healing Nona.

Horn: 'I did my best for you, <name>, but you are not going to be pleased. He did not understand why we should heal the hurts of this Dunlending girl.
'Eventually he relented somewhat, and he has agreed that our healers will do what they can for the girl.'
Afic says, "What? Heal the girl? Horn, this cannot be his decision!"
Horn says, "There is a condition."
Horn says, "Our healer will see to the girl's wounds, but she must relinquish all claim to the sword she carries."
Nona says, "No..."
Horn says, "It is a sword of Rohan. It belongs with us."
Horn says, "In Stangard, that is the price of her life. I am sorry. This is the message I was given."

Objective 12

  • Talk to Nona where she lies in Stangard

Nona is struggling to speak.

Nona: 'Do not... let them...'
Nona struggles to speak, but the effort is too great for her to make out the words. She beseeches you with wide eyes, but you cannot meet her stare. Your gaze keeps returning to the blood soaking the floor beneath her.
She tries again.
'Wadu's... it was...'
You cannot give the Rohirrim what they demand. There has to be another way to save her life.
Nona says, "I would... die first..."
Horn says, "Don't be a fool. Our healer can save your life."
Horn says, "I know our people are enemies. But you should not die this way."
Nona says, "How would... you have me... die?"
Horn says, "Not for a sword!"
Horn says, "<name>! Your friend is as hard-headed as the most stubborn of my folk!"
Horn says, "She could give King Théoden lessons in being headstrong!"

Objective 13

  • Talk to Horn in Stangard

Horn is waiting for your answer in Stangard.

Horn: 'There has to be some other way, <name>. You spoke of the Elf-witch in the woods to the north along the Anduin. My people shun that place as a den of evil glamour, but... if there was a power that could heal this girl...'
Horn glowers at you, his eyebrows knitted together angrily.
'A pox on her! I will not have her blood on my hands, or on her own. Lead us to this Elf-witch, <name>! I have heard the tales. Perhaps she will be unable to bewitch me if I am expecting it! Why did you ever bring this girl to Stangard, <name>? This is not her place.'
Horn gazes into the middle distance, and in a quiet voice he continues.
'In Stangard, is a sword valued more highly than the life of a girl? What sort of man would willingly serve in such a place?'
He shakes his head, and the urgency returns to his voice.
'Well? For what are you waiting? Let us go at once!'

Objective 14

  • Travel to Lothlórien to seek the aid of Galadriel

You have come to seek the aid of Galadriel. Will she give it?

Objective 15

Horn is standing uncomfortably in Lothlórien, waiting to speak with you.

Horn: 'I will never call my people distrustful again, <name>. The blindfold felt somewhat unnecessary to me. Only the most urgent of need has driven me here, and I would not want to return!.
Horn's face softens, and his brow creases with worry.
'Do you think the girl will recover? I saw the way those Elves looked at her wound. Whatever they saw there, they did not like it. If it was not an Easterling blade... what does that mean for her? What is wrong? <name>?
Horn says, "Have you seen this before? <name>?"
  • Wait for word of Nona's condition
Galadriel says, "I have done what I can."

Objective 16

  • Talk to Galadriel in Lothlórien

Galadriel has come to speak with you about Nona.

Galadriel: 'The danger has passed, <name>. The wound was deep, but it did not fester. And yet, I did not wish to leave this girl to the care of my healers. The risk that her wound was caused by a morgul blade, and that she could become a wraith like the creature you encountered that night, compelled me to heal her hurts personally. If that had proven the case, I would have ended her suffering. It would have been a mercy, and necessary to safeguard Lothlórien and indeed all lands.
'Do you think me cruel? I am glad it did not come to that. I do not believe her wound was caused by a morgul blade, and it is my hope and belief she will live. I am... surprised. We will speak more of it later, away from watchful ears.
'The girl Nona is sleeping. When she is awake you will be brought to her. For now you should rest, <name>. Dream no troubling dreams! In Lothlórien your rest will be peaceful. I am certain of it.'
Horn says, "What relief! I can hardly believe it. I feared the worst!"
Horn: 'There is clearly some glamour on this land. I feel as if I could take on any foe and achieve victory, or cross any landscape, no matter the obstacles!
'Your Elf-witch works wonders! Only song could do justice to her powers of healing! The relief I feel is... it is overwhelming, <name>. The girl will live!
'Unless it is rude to ask it, I would like to return to the forest floor now. I will return to Stangard by myself, but I would like to see you again! Once the girl is recovered, bring her as well. If I am to compose a song of your adventure, I will need both of your accounts, after all.'