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Introduced with Before the Shadow, Delvings are a way to optionally increase the difficulty of certain Missions and World Instances in order to earn rewards and gear roughly equivalent to tier 3 raids. Delvings can be run with one or two people, the same as regular missions, and are currently only available to characters at their server's Level Cap (150). Access to the missions that have Delvings enabled requires purchase of Before the Shadow.

Starting Out

At level 150, a letter will be sent with a strange gem attached. This gem will start a quest that directs you to a mission-giver. Any of the mission-givers in Swanfleet or Cardolan advance this quest. You will be given a  Delving Zircon, used to change the difficulty of a Delving to tiers 1, 2, or 3.

Advancing Tiers

Delving Stone at the start of a Mission.

There are twelve tiers of Delvings available, each more difficult than the last. To activate a Delving in a mission, locate the Delving Stone near the entrance to the mission and interact with it. Choose the quest that corresponds to your desired Delving tier and accept it. Ten of these delving quests can be completed each day, no matter the tier. Once you have accepted the quest, interact with the Delving Stone again to place the correct Delving gem in the stone and activate the Delving. Complete the mission as normal, and do not leave the instance until you have located the Scout and the Delving quest has advanced to Objective 4: Speak with the mission giver. Leaving the instance at any point before this will fail the Delving quest and reset the mission to base difficulty.

Successfully completing and turning in a Delving quest will reward a Delving gem, one of the same tier and, on tiers 3, 6, and 9, one for the next tier. Leaving the instance early will fail the Delving quest and you will have to try again.

Skipping ahead through tiers is possible. Higher tier Delving gems can be bartered from a Delving Quartermaster for bags of coins purchased from the Delving Quartermaster.


Delving tiers become progressively more difficult. Higher tiers inflict passive Dread, have more dangerous Malices active (see below), and give mobs more powerful bonuses through Delving Strength, up to a maximum of +1000% at tier 12.

 Delving Strength
Delving Tier Gem Required Dread Active Malices Delving Strength (Morale) Delving Strength (Damage) Rewards
Tier 1  Delving Zircon +0 1 +20% +120%  Tier 1 Delving Chest 10 Delving Writ
Tier 2  Delving Zircon +1 1, 2 +40% +140%  Tier 2 Delving Chest 10 Delving Writ
Tier 3  Delving Zircon +2 1, 2, 3 +60% +160%  Tier 3 Delving Chest 10 Delving Writ
Tier 4  Delving Garnet +2 1, 2, 3, 4 +100% +200%  Tier 4 Delving Chest 20 Delving Writ
Tier 5  Delving Garnet +3 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 +120% +225%  Tier 5 Delving Chest 20 Delving Writ
Tier 6  Delving Garnet +3 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 +140% +250%  Tier 6 Delving Chest 20 Delving Writ
Tier 7  Delving Emerald +4 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 +180% +300%  Tier 7 Delving Chest 30 Delving Writ
Tier 8  Delving Emerald +4 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 +250% +450%  Tier 8 Delving Chest 30 Delving Writ
Tier 9  Delving Emerald +5 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 +320% +600%  Tier 9 Delving Chest 30 Delving Writ
Tier 10  Delving Amethyst +5 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 +390% +800%  Tier 10 Delving Chest 40 Delving Writ
Tier 11  Delving Amethyst +6 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 +450% +900%  Tier 11 Delving Chest 40 Delving Writ
Tier 12  Delving Amethyst +6 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 +500% +1000%  Tier 12 Delving Chest 50 Delving Writ


Malices are various buffs and extra mechanics present in Delvings, which are organized by type. There will be a maximum of five Malices present in most Delvings, limited by one per type. Tier 10 has six active Malices, and tier 12 has seven. Malices will rotate daily, consisting of six different sets, denoted with numbers.

See the following table with possible variants per tier and Malice types:

Tier Malice Type Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3 Variant 4 Variant 5 Variant 6
Tier 1 Environmental  Diseased Cloud I

 Slime Puddles I

 Hampering Miasma  Fire-storm I  Poison Puddles I  Fire-storm I
Tier 2 On Death  Daunting Disease  Atropy  Instilled Panic  Festering Wound  Stab At Thee  Explosive Devastation I
Tier 3 Monster Affecting  Fear of Death  Glory in Pain  Health Poultices I  Sauron's Touch I  For the Warleader  Variant 6 - Malice 3
Tier 4 Adaptive & Reactive  Sauron's Defence I  High on Life I  Physical Adaptation: Melee  Blood Rage Low I  Clutch of Flies I  Thick Hide
Tier 5 Epic Monster Skills  Sauron's Wrath  Variant 2 - Malice 5  Sauron's Ire  Variant 4 - Malice 5  A Thousand Cuts  Sauron's Word
Tier 6 Environmental  Diseased Cloud II

 Slime Puddles I

 Debilitating Miasma  Encroaching Shadow  Poison Puddles I  Fire-storm I
Tier 7 Player Affecting Skills  Virulent Poison  True Face of Fear  Creeping Doom  Lingering Fear  Infested!  Explosive Devastation I
Tier 8 Monster Affecting  Sauron's Lash  Melee Mastery  Glass Cannon  Tactical Mastery  Sauron's Shroud  Deadly at Range
Tier 9 Adaptive & Reactive  Sauron's Defence I  High on Life I  Physical Adaptation: Melee

 Blood Rage High I

 Clutch of Flies I  Sauron's Eye I
Tier 10 Cursed Hotspots  Twisted Growth I  Twisted Flesh I  Twisted Armour I  Twisted Flesh I  Twisted Growth I  Twisted Armour I
Tier 11
Tier 12 On Death Genesis Effect  Variant 1 - Malice 12  Variant 2 - Malice 12  Variant 3 - Malice 12  Pestilent Discharge  Variant 5 - Malice 12  Pestilent Discharge

With U35 new Malices were introduced that give you the ability to counter their effects:

  • Epic Monster Skills (Tier 5)
These are powerful but slow induction enemy Malice skills. Only one attacking enemy will be able to use these skills over the Malice skill's cooldown, that enemy will glow, and you can interrupt its induction. If you don't, the skill will complete!
  • Cursed Hotspots (Tier 10)
These hotspots are cast by enemies on themselves to heal, do more damage, and get other benefits. You will need to move the enemy from its location to lose the effect.


Delving quests reward  Delving Writs and chests of random rewards. Delving Writs can be used in barters with the Delving Quartermaster. Delving chests have a chance to drop bundles of crafting materials, equipment that can be worn or disenchanted, character boosts, and more. Higher tier chests are more likely to drop better rewards. Delving chests have a 1 hour expiration delay and are automatically destroyed if they're not opened before the hour is over. There are also several deeds that reward titles, Delving Writs, and Virtue Experience.


Armour drops

Armour obtained from chests:

General Drops

Upon opening delving chests:


Delving Deeds(50 P)


For more detail, see Mission: Before the Shadow Quests or Mission: Umbar Quests

For more detail, see Delving Quests

Wrapper quests:

Delving Quests:


Delving Titles(11 P)

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