Update 38.0.1 Wednesday November 15, 2023

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Update 38.0.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 38.0.1, released on Wednesday, November 15th, 2023.

Of Special Note

New rewards in Adventurer's and Traveller's Steel-bound Lootboxes!

  • Adventurer's and Traveller's Steel-bound lootboxes contain new "Harmonious" cosmetic items including avatar cosmetics, a steed, and matching war-steed appearances, a falcon cosmetic pet, plus new housing items including a falcon perch, miniature tree, miniature tree in winter, and planter in spring. These items are also available on Rowan Raspberry for Figments of Splendour!
  • Adventurer's and Traveller's Steel-bound lootboxes also now contain a Sea-side Sand-lurker cosmetic pet and three macaque-themed housing items. These items are not available to barter with Rowan.
  • Some older avatar cosmetics and steeds have been moved off of Rowan Raspberry and onto the Curator.

The 8th Season of the Legendary Item Reward Track has arrived!

New rewards and a reset track have arrived! Rewards include a Sculpture Garden with Elvish Pavilion, a Tome of the Young Moose, a Tome of the Frost Tusk Youngling, and a Red Painted Skeleton Mount.

News and Notes


  • The red line version of "Catch a Breath" now properly advances relevant deeds.


  • Ingredient requirements for many Umbar crafting recipes have been adjusted. In most cases this reduces the amount of ingredients required for crafting. This change also removed the requirement for Red Sea-stones to craft uncommon gear, and standardized the number of Red Sea-stones required for rare gear across professions.
  • The Crafting category for instruments is now "Instruments" instead of "Minstrel Instruments" since there are now Mariner instruments.
  • Craftsfolk Branda Rumble, Birrungur Blacksteel, Tralli Hammerfist, and Giles Chadwick have remembered their names.
  • Crafted Umbari Crossbows are now using their proper DPS tables.


  • Adventurer's Lootboxes opened at level 141 and higher now correctly give their proper level 141 Sea-faring Adventurer's Humble Essence Box instead of level 140 Delving Adventurer's Lively Essence Boxes.
  • The following cosmetic pet tomes can now properly be acquired via barter, even after you have learned the cosmetic pet skill they grant: Tome of the Light Grey Goat, Tome of the Coffee Goat, Tome of the Burgundy Goat, and Tome of the Dark Grey Squirrel.
  • Umbari scholar battle scrolls are now available from the Umbar reputation faction Quartermaster.
  • Older items now disenchant for their proper rewards.
  • Overseer, the Hiddenhoard Raid Reward Vendor now accepts Motes of Enchantment rather than Embers of Enchantment to exchange a piece of Hiddenhoard gear for a piece from a different set.
  • Skirmish soldiers have had some of their broken scaling progressions fixed that caused them to have abnormally low stats in the mid-levels.


  • Malavin, the Angmarim Emissary to the Ettenmoors has leveled up to match the baddies around her.
  • The new Ettenmoors food and buff scroll effects are now properly removed when leaving the Ettenmoors. Note they should not be removed if you simply relog or lose connection within the bounds of the Ettenmoors.

Questing and Adventure Areas

  • Fixed an issue with Umbar Task quests so they are available again.
  • The Interlude quest in Chapter 7 of "The Song of Waves and Wind" is once again available.
  • The Quest Guide now properly shows you how to reach the Hall of Lady Vanyalos in Chapter 2.1 of "The Song of Waves and Wind".
  • Fixed an issue with the Bounty: Proto-Huorn quest so it is once again available.
  • Mariners can now properly open rewards from the Minas Tirith Epic Battle.
  • Some missing voice over audio has been added.
  • Characters across King's Gondor West, Outer Gondor, Shield Isles, and Umbar who were using random appearances have been fixed.
  • The Sure-striding Ram in Pinnath Gelin will now be level 144 and drop appropriate materials. Some other mobs in King's Gondor West have also been adjusted to level 141 or 142 (up from level 140).


  • Translations have been updated.