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Current Projects

I'm currently in the process of trying to update the LOTRO Store Cosmetics page.

  • Images need to be added for several more cosmetics (most notably hats, which are difficult to capture in the preview window).
  • Correct image for Ferrier's Robe will not load - perhaps something went wrong with the updated image.
  • All "Ceremonial" versions need to be added.
  • Several new cosmetics are not displayed yet.
  • No icons for several items.

My Characters

I play the following characters on Arkenstone (formerly Windfola):

Name Class Race Origin Level Vocation Region
Merilien (Main) Hunter Elf Lórien 114 Explorer The Wastes
Elveleth Champion Man Gondor 91 Armsman Wildermore
Arasien Lore-master Elf Mirkwood 80 Historian Great River
Ivorlinn Minstrel Elf Rivendell 76 Yeoman Enedwaith
Snowbell Burglar Hobbit Fallohide 61 Yeoman Moria
Aeliniel Rune-keeper Elf Edhellond 50 Tinker Forochel
Nemireth Warden Elf Lindon 38 Woodsman North Downs
Aethelind Captain Man Rohan 33 Armsman Evendim
Lisi Guardian Dwarf White Mountains 30 Armourer Trollshaws
Elindis Beorning Beorning Vales of Anduin 28 Yeoman Lone-lands
Helaena Beorning Beorning Vales of Anduin 26 Yeoman Bree-land
Hilduin Captain Man Gondor 23 Armsman Bree-land
Inis Hunter Dwarf Lonely Mountain 21 Explorer The Shire
Findurin Guardian Dwarf Lonely Mountain 18 Armsman Ered Luin