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Type: Cave
Region: The Misty Mountains
Area: Goblin-town
Location: [21.8S, 6.2E]


The Thundergrot is a landmark within Goblin-town in the Misty Mountains. [21.8S, 6.2E]

This deep cavern, only accessible by descending the crude scaffolding constructed by the goblins. can be reached deep in goblin-town via the western tunnels. The booming sound of cave-trolls beating their drums, so as not to be beat by their goblin masters, can be heard.


Thundergrot Entrance

The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:




The following creatures are found within this area:


The Thundergrot is aptly named for the enormous booming sounds that echo through the surrounding caves and passages. This thunder is produced by massive drums carried by the Cave-troll Drummers bred and enslaved by the goblins and employed when they raid larger settlements under cover of night. -- Deed Text


Only one way to go downstairs upon entering. (Note: coming back, the stairs up are in the mid-west part of the chamber) At the bottom, head south and the chamber opens up into several small rooms.

  • Kaushar for Drum Keepers and the trolls for Drummers of the Deep can be found both in the far southern and far eastern rooms.
  • There is a Refuse Pile with a button near a campfire roughly in the middle of the chamber


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Another view of troll pit The scaffolding that marks the only entrance down into the pit A cave-troll playing its drum in Thundergrot The goblins have laid logs down as paths in the pits Looking down into the pit of Thundergrot

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