Thorgest's Haven

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Thorgest's Haven
Region: The Misty Mountains
Area: Northern High Pass
Settlement: Hrimbarg
Location: [24.5S, 7.0E]
Thorgest's Haven.jpg

Thorgest's Haven is an interior in Hrimbarg in the The Misty Mountains. [24.5S, 7.0E]

At the delimit between the Northern and Southern High Pass this is indeed a haven that welcomes visitors with warmth and shelter, and also minor services from the Provisioner. However, the atmosphere is dampened as the dwarves are in trouble. How to tend the serious wounds of Thorgest? And how to comfort him after the loss of his brother, Thorkell?


The Entrance to Thorgest's Haven
The Inner Chamber of Thorgest's Haven
NPC Function
Dwarf.png Afwald Provisioner - Task-master
Dwarf.png Thorgest Quest



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