The Wovenvales

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The Wovenvales
Region: The Trollshaws
Area: North Trollshaws
Location: [27.7S, 19.1W]
The Wovenvales.jpg


The Wovenvales is a landmark within North Trollshaws in The Trollshaws. [27.7S, 19.1W]

These narrow gorges and vales in the north-western section of the North Trollshaws are home to numerous vicious spiders. Two broods, the Flesh-gnawer and the Trapdoor, make up the spider population within this area. The narrow passages and littered with webs as well as the eggs of the vile creatures.

Further to the north is the Trapdoor Lair where the brood queen makes her nest.




The following creatures are found within this area:


Another view of the spider vales Entrance into the Wovenvales Strands of web hanging from the trees Roots stretching out from the rocky walls A ruined, stone gazebo in the vales