The Shire Race-track

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The Shire Race-track
Region: The Shire
Area: The Delving Fields
Location: [35.3S, 73.2W]
The Shire Race-track.jpg


The Shire Race-track is a location within The Delving Fields in The Shire. [35.3S, 73.2W]

The race-track is located in the south-most of The Delving Fields, just north of the Shire Homesteads. During Festivals and Events this location attracts all sorts of rider wannabes from all over Middle-earth. During those periods Carl Proudfoot is happy to help. Skilled horsemen may earn tokens which are traded for certain ponies or steeds which are available only during the events.


Lake at the Race-track

During Festivals and Events the following quests are available:




First set of platforms in the race Caravans block the road hoping to trip up racers Second set of platform in the race