The Glamgil Falls

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The Glamgil Falls
Type: Waterfalls
Region: The Trollshaws
Area: Nan Tornaeth
Location: [28.6S, 13.5W]
The Glamgil Falls.jpg


The Glamgil Falls are a landmark within Nan Tornaeth in The Trollshaws. [28.6S, 13.5W]

A massive stream throws itself down a set of waterfalls in eastern Nan Tornaeth and curiously many stone-trolls enjoy wetting their feet in the pond below. Just west of the brow lies Ost Brandras, reached by continuing north and then via the roundabouts through Amon Varadh, Minas Ciliant, and Ost Chall.



The following creatures are found within this area:


The upper section of the falls Stone-trolls wading in the shallow water at the falls base