Skorgrím's Tomb

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Skorgrím's Tomb
Type: Tombs
Region: Ered Luin
Area: Thorin's Gate
Location: [15.8S, 102.5W]
Skorgrím's Tomb.jpg


Skorgrím's Tomb is a quest instance dungeon within Thorin's Gate in Ered Luin. [15.8S, 102.5W]

This tomb is located in the south-eastern Thorin's Gate, having its entrance at the Berghold and nearby the entrance to Rockbelly Pit. Skorgrím's Tomb is sealed off and available only for quests, first during the introduction for dwarves and elves and later to find Thrór's hammer.

During the introduction quests for dwarves and elves this tomb is guarded by Gormr and his party of Dourhands. They have decorated the place in honour of their ancestor, Skorgrím, whose body recently has been moved from its usual place, a mystery which begins to cause disturbance around the Middle-earth.


Entrance to Skorgrím's Tomb
The Inner Halls


The following creatures are found within this area during the instance Thrór's Hammer:


Dwalin, lord of Thorin's Hall has tasked the Heroes of Eriador with recovering Thrór's hammer from the tomb of Skorgrím, where the Dourhands have enshrined it as a memorial of victory over Durin's Folk.


Altar where Ivar resurrected Skorgrím Ramp within Skorgrím's Tomb View from the bridge over Skorgrím's Tomb