Quest:Gift from the War-tyrant

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Creep-icon.png Gift from the War-tyrant
Faction Creep
Start Completion of the 6 starting quests
Ending Loc Gramsfoot
Ends War-tyrant Akúlhun [12.2S, 20.9W]
Item(s) Paper Sheet 1 (common)-icon.png Map to Gramsfoot
DP Reward 500 Destiny Points 
Repeatable No


Only by completing the tasks assigned to you by Uglash can you earn the favor of War-Tyrant Akúlhun.

War-tyrant Akúlhun: 'So you've found your way to the five corners of the Ettenmoors and think yourself a learned scout. Perhaps you are....

'Take this and know that using it will allow you to travel along paths we've discovered here that are safe and fast. Do not abuse this power.

'Aiding the towers, lumber-camp, mine, central keep will earn you similar rewards over time. Some faster than others, but the trails are hard and taxing on the body and cannot be used often...

'Now...leave my sight, worm!'


Walkthrough & Notes

Complete the 6 starting quests offered by Uglash:

This quest will be granted upon completion.