Ost Thondol

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Ost Thondol
Type: Ruins
Region: Trollshaws
Area: Bruinen Gorges
Location: [31.1S, 13.2W]
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Ost Thondol is a landmark within Bruinen Gorges, in the Trollshaws. [31.1S, 13.2W]

High above the narrow paths of the eastern Bruinen Gorges an old watchtower stands vigil. It is reached by one small path from the south, just above the troll-cave Nurath. The ruins are quite well preserved and yet today the upper levels are able to hold the weight of several stone-trolls, many of which are occupying this location. At the heart of the ruins awaits a terrible evil set down from Nan Tornaeth in the north.



These deeds can be advanced by visiting Ost Thondol:


These creatures are encountered around this location:


Built as an outlaying watchtower of Nan Tornaeth to the north, Ost Thondol once stood watch over the approaches to the Ford of Bruinen. — Deed