Men Helch

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Men Helch
Type: Mountain Pass
Region: Misty Mountains
Area: Southern High Pass
Location: [27.7S, 4.4E]
Men Helch.jpg

Men Helch is a landmark within Southern High Pass, in the Misty Mountains. [27.7S, 4.4E]

Men Helch (Sindarin for Bitter-cold Road) is a mountain pass that runs between north-eastern Giant Halls and the south-west of Southern High Pass, just above Ceber Los. The origin of the ruins made of stone slabs is unknown but considering their size and other "structures" in the area it is possible that giants throw them together as shelter from the icy blizzards. This narrow path is now well patrolled by frost-giants of the tribe dwelling in the nearby Iorbar, and travellers should not expect to pass unnoticed.




These creatures are encountered at this location: