Krúslë Lannan

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Krúslë Lannan
Type: Ruined Tower
Region: Angmar
Area: Gorothlad
Location: [1.2S, 22.9W]
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Krúslë Lannan is a landmark within Gorothlad in Angmar. [1.2S, 22.9W]

In the south-eastern corner of Angmar this ancient armoury of Arnor is found, a tower surrounded by seven statues. However, the swords that were once placed upon the pedestals at the feet of the seven Kings are taken, most likely by Hill-men of Rhudaur. A lone Dúnadan Ranger, lore-master Nethraw, has long studied the mystery of those statues and this place. He is determined to recover the swords, and discover what awaits inside the armoury. He can only hope that the evil men who wielded the sword no longer walk the passages within.

The tower interior can only be entered during the quest instance given after recovering the seven swords.


Dunlang.png Abb
Ranger.png Nethraw





The following creatures are found inside the related quest instance:


The flooded ground level of the tower Passage down into the valley containing the tower Krúslë Lannan has several winding staircases to ascend Cobwebs and a dense fog are in abundance within One of the 7 statues encircling Krúslë Lannan