Imlad Balchorth

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Areas-icon.png Imlad Balchorth
Region: Angmar
Landmark(s): Anglanthir
Bar Gorog
Dor Gûl
Eithel Úmfaer
Ram Taltorth
Settlement(s): Myrkworth
Eastern Malenhad
Nan Gurth
Levels: Mainly 47 - 49
Resource tier: Master
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Imlad Balchorth is an area within Angmar in the central region.

At the very core of Angmar, encased by mountains on all but one side, is this valley of the dead. Dense fog weighs heavily over the tombs, ruins, and fell rivers and waterfalls that run through the area. These deadly waters flow down from the massive waterfall, Anglanthir, in the northwest from the orc stronghold of Urugarth which in turn flows from the Angmarim capital of Carn Dûm where an unspeakable horror is said to be responsible for the pollution. The waters' deadly powers become diluting the further east it flows, causing no more than a slight headache at its weakest. On the eastern, and only accessible side of the valley, a path runs from the sulfuric swamps of Eastern Malenhad in the south to the Angmarim plains of Himbar in the north. The valley of Barad Gúlaran, known as Nan Gurth can also be reached to the east by several passages.

A wasteland considered so vile and dangerous, only the most nefarious of Angmarim can be found here, where they are binding the spirits of the dead to do their bidding. Alongside these necromancers and fell-spirits, is an army of wights and rotting limbs which shamble about the many barrows of the valley, whereas the bone-chilling howls of barghests can be heard piercing through the fog. At the center of Imlad Balchort, is Gurthlin, an islet surrounded by fell green rivers. On this isle are a host of shades who are commanded by the Gaunt-lord of Pestilence, Ferndúr the Virulent. Ferndúr himself is said to appear here if one is able to attract his ire.

The dwarven camp of Myrkworth, located atop the mountains which divide Imlad Balchorth from Nan Gurth, is the only semblance of hope and refuge one could hope to find in the area. These dwarves have ventured forth from their mining outpost, Gabilshathûr, in the south in an attempt to push back the undead tide which creeps forward from the valley. Only minor services can be found here, however, like a Provisioner, Camp Site Fire, and Milestone. Those who find themselves overwhelmed, will likely retreat to the camp, as at its center lies a rally point.



The following settlements are found in this area:



These landmarks are located in Imlad Balchorth:



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Dourhand.png Arngrim


Dor Gûl

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Eithel Úmfaer

The following creatures are found within this area:


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Just a handful of the many barrows within the valley The imfamous Cauldron of Death east of Gurthlin The eastern side of Imlad Balchorth is considerably less dangerous Toxic fell waters flowing down from Urugarth A stone gate marking the entrance into the valley of the dead Wights wading through a murky pool of water Passage to western Imlad Balchorth The road that stretch from Eastern Malenhad northwards to Himbar Deluches' corrupted shrine on the edge of Imlad Balchorth Most of western Imlad Balchorth is fell rivers and waterfalls