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Settlements-icon.png Grimslade
Region: West Rohan
Area: Westfold
Location: [62.3S, 82.0W]


Grimslade is a settlement located within the area of Westfold in West Rohan. [62.3S, 82.0W]



The following services can be found within the settlement of Woodhurst:

Provisions Store-house (Food Storehouse) [62.5S, 82.1W]
Weapons Store-house (Armoury) [62.3S, 82.0W]



Destination Area Cost Prerequisites
Helm's Deep Westfold 60 Silver  Min. Level: 85
Helm's Deep (Swift) Westfold 66 Silver  Min. Level: 85


The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this place:


  • Frithferth - Arms-keeper - in front of Weapons Store-house
  • Éobert - Store--keeper - in front of Provisions Store House
  • Dunward - outside Mead Hall
  • Grimwald - outside Mead Hall
  • Hildith - inside Mead Hall


[94] Now to Grimslade, Grimbold's Home - vector from Marton

  1. [94] A Stony Welcome
  2. [94] Hildith's Council
  3. [94] A Dangerous Mission
  4. [94] Unexpected Compliance
  5. [94] Grimslade Will Burn
  6. [94] The Shattered Lord
  7. [94] The Mustering
  8. [94] To Helm's Deep

Elgyth's House

Elgyth says, My son's wife has never shown me any great kindness. She is as quarrelsome a woman as ever was....
Elgyth says, Don't mind me! An old woman may ramble when a visitor comes calling.
Elgyth says, Dear me, my son has been away so long. How I miss him!
Elgyth says, Hildith is not kind to Grimbold, you know. She drives him away with her hard words.
Elgyth says, My Grimbold is loved by all, you know.
Elgyth says, I miss my sweet son. He is a just Thane and a great warrior.
Elgyth says, My Grimbold is loved by all, you know.
Elgyth says, How many mothers like me wait for their dear sons to come home from the war? How many will wait forever?
Elgyth says, My Grimbold is loved by all, you know.
Elgyth says, Erkenbrand himself took my dear boy under his wing. A good man, Erkenbrand.
Elgyth says, The fords were lost, but surely it was Elfhelm's fault. He and Grimbold had a falling out.