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Monster Play
General Topics: Ranks, Raiding
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Freep is an abbreviation for Free Peoples. It is used to describe characters fighting the Army of Angmar, (Monster Player) (Creeps), in the Ettenmoors and the Sundering of Osgiliath

Monster Play (PvMP) is often described as "Creeps vs Freeps".

Freep Information

Getting Started

Players can join the conflict in the Ettenmoors as soon as they reach level 20. Here, they battle Monster Players and try to advance the battle lines in favour of the Coldfells Army.

  • Only VIPs have access to the Ettenmoors as a fighter for the Free Peoples automatically at level 140.
  • Free and Premium players can purchase a temporary Ettenmoors pass from the Stable-masters (below) using 20 of the Mithril Coin-icon.png Mithril Coin currency to purchase 6 hours of PVMP playtime.
  • If you wish to take the side of the Free Peoples, your player character must first attain level 20.
Prior to the release of The Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan, player characters were eligible to participate in PvMP in the Ettenmoors at level 40. With the release of Update 13, level 20 is the new minimum requirement.
  • All player characters below level 140 will be automatically scaled up once they enter the Ettenmoors.

Travel to the Ettenmoors

  • Once you are at least level 20, visit one of the four stable-masters who can transport you to the Ettenmoors.
Note that entry for the Ettenmoors will be grayed out until level 20.
  • Two items can be purchased using Commendations that allow fast travel into the Ettenmoors:

Glân Vraig

Once the new recruits have reached Glân Vraig, the secure base of operations for the Coldfells Army, they can assist in turning the tide of battle in favour of the Free People by completing quests and raising their Rank by defeating Monster Players.

Glân Vraig offers many daily repeatable quests as well as a number of reward vendors. These offer PvMP Armour, Legendary Items, Cloaks, and consumables. All vendors trade their items for Commendations. These can be earned by defeating enemies as well as completing quests.

For more information, see Freep Commendation Traders. Additional quests for freeps are offered at Ost Ringdyr to the north, which can be reached by means of a guarded path starting at the northern gate of Glân Vraig.


There are five contested landmarks within the Ettenmoors which can be conquered by either side - the Army of Angmar or the Coldfells Army. They are:

Four small outposts can also be captured.

When the commander of one of these locations falls, it will switch control to the opposing side. Each landmark offers various quests to the side holding it as well as a 20% bonus to infamy/renown and commendation gain. They are often hotly contested and may switch sides multiple times a day. For a detailed description of each location, see their linked articles (above).