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Commendations are a type of in-game currency used exclusively in Monster Play (PvMP).
In update 6 the previously used Monster Play currency, Destiny Points, was partially replaced with commendations. Destiny points are still earned, however, only VIP players can spend them.
Creeps use Commendations to buy skills, traits and ranks.
Freeps primarily use Commendations to purchase Armour and Jewellery.
  • Both Creeps and Freeps earn Commendation through quests or through killing players on the opposite sides.
Creeps get commendations for killing Freeps, and Freeps get commendations for killing Creeps.
  • If you play as both and Creep, Freep, i.e. if you have several characters that play PvMP as Free Peoples (Freeps) or as Monsters (Creeps) on the same account on the same server, all commendations that any earn are shared Account wide per server.
  • Note: The maximum number of Commendations you may hold in your Wallet is 20,000!
Commendations acquired in excess of that limit are lost until you lower the number stored in your wallet by spending them.
However, any Commendations previously "lost" are not recovered.
  • When you reach the Currency Cap for Commendations, you will receive an Alert: "Currency Capped."
Mousing over the Alert states: "You have hit the Cap for Commendations! Until you spend below the cap, you will be unable to earn any more!"
Note that this "Alert" will remain until you clear it, even if you spend below the cap.
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