Dora Brownlock's Farm

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Dora Brownlock's Farm
Type: Farmstead
Region: The Shire
Area: The Delving Fields
Location: [31.3S, 72.7W]
Dora Brownlock's Farm.jpg

Dora Brownlock's Farm is a farm within the Delving Fields, in the Shire. [31.3S, 72.7W]

Dora Brownlock is a chicken farmer and owns one of the largest farms in the Shire, just north of Waymeet. However, wolves have roamed south from their den and the poor Dora has fled to Waymeet.




These deeds can be advanced by visiting Dora's farm:


These creatures are encountered within this location:


"Dora Brownlock owns one of the largest farms near the sleepy village of Waymeet. She has been having troubles with wolves recently." — Deed text