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The following are some of the more well known Points of Interest (PoI) that may be found in Lotro.
Check out the articles in the full category listing below for many of the more "unexpected" references to Tolkien's works.


One of the only remaining towns of men in Eriador
The location of Frodo's fake move The Shire to Crickhollow.
Old Forest
Home to Tom Bombadil, the old forest is full of dark and wonderful mysteries.
The Barrow-downs
Anyone who wants to confront Evil Men, Barghests, and rotting Barrow-wights, should go to the Barrow Downs.

The Shire

Michel Delving
The Capital town of the shire
The Party Tree
All the parties in the shire are held at the party tree.
Bag End
Famed hobbit-hole of Bilbo Baggins

The Lone-lands

Amon Sûl
Weathertop, an old fortress of the rangers.
The Forsaken Inn
The name basically explains it, THE FORSAKEN INN

The North Downs

An ancient stronghold of the Dunedain
Another Ancient stronghold... this time Inhabited by Angmar's forces


Site of the Ring-forges, where many rings of power were created


Carn Dum
The Capital City of Angmar Home of the dreaded Witch-king
The Main city Of the Hillmen of Angmar

The Trollshaws

The home of Elrond and the elves of Eriador
The Ford of Bruinen
River crossing where the Nazgul were thwarted in their pursuit of Frodo

camp of the sons of elrond, providing a haven for weary travellers

The Misty Mountains

Goblin Town
The goblin city beneath the Misty Mountains... the same city in fact, that Bilbo and company passed through on their journey to slay the dragon Smaug.
Gloin's Camp

Camp set up by Gloin at the base of the the Misty Mountains

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