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  1. [78] Sudden Farewell
  2. [78] A Dangerous Road - vector to Trader's Outpost

The Ancient Tomb:

Trader's Outpost

  1. [78] Trouble to the West - vector to Springview Estate

Springview Estate:

  1. [78] A Game of Hiding
  2. [78] A Savvy Assistant - vector to Caddabrand's Camp

Caddabrand's Camp:

  1. [78] The Arrogant Huntsman
  2. [79] Capital Earnings - vector to Cliving

Treason quest chain

  1. [79] Phial Acts of Deception
  2. [79] Interrogating the Suspects
    • [79] Apprehending Swithorne -- Accepting and completing this quest will not allow you to apprehend Eldora or Wigfugol.
    • [79] Apprehending Eldora -- Accepting and completing this quest will not allow you to apprehend Swithorne or Wigfugol.
    • [79] Apprehending Wigfugol -- Accepting and completing this quest will not allow you to apprehend Swithorne or Eldora.
  3. [79] In Service to Reeve Athelward
  4. [79] Wrath of the Reeve
  5. [79] Daughter Like Father -- Vector to Rohirrim Training Grounds

The Riders Four sequence
Prerequisite(s): Complete In Service to Reeve Athelward.

  1. [79] The Reeve of the Norcrofts
  2. [79] Wary Riders

All that Remains quest chain

  1. [79] Frivolous Disputes
  2. [79] Lost in Love
  3. [78] Defending the Farmstead
  4. [78] Heart or Gold
  5. [79] All that Remains

Upon completion of the rebuilding of Hytbold one of these three quests will be available, originating in Hytbold:
  • [85] Treason Exposed - This quest concludes the story of the murder in Cliving if you chose Eldora as the most likely suspect.
  • [85] Treason Revealed - This quest concludes the story of the murder in Cliving if you chose Wigfugol as the most likely suspect.
  • [85] Treason Uncovered - This quest concludes the story of the murder in Cliving if you chose Swithorne as the most likely suspect.

Abandoned Farmsteads:

Western Cliving Watchtower:

  1. [78] Totems and Banners
  2. [78] Sworn Oaths
  3. [78] Athelward's Judgement

Rohirrim Training Grounds

The Vacant Mill

  1. [79] The Shield-maiden's Training
  2. [79] Desire Above Strength
  3. [79] A Summons Unanswered - vector to Faldham


  1. [79] A Different Breed
  2. [80] Pressed from All Sides
  3. [80] The Coming Storm
  4. [80] Holding Back the Tide
  5. [80] The Defence of Faldham
  6. [80] To Eaworth - vector to Eaworth

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