Blackroot Vale

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Areas-icon.png Blackroot Vale
Region: Western Gondor
Landmark(s): Tingobel
The Stone of Erech
The Hill of Erech
Paths of the Dead
Tingobel Mine
Settlement(s): Morlad
Paths of the Dead
Tarlang's Crown
Tarlang's Neck
Levels: Mainly 95 - 97
Resource tier: Westemnet (T9)
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Blackroot Vale is an area within Western Gondor.

Called Morthond in the tongue of the Elves, the Vale lies at the feet of the White Mountains and the Dwimorberg, to the south of Kingstead and West Rohan. The Morthond river runs through green gorges making its way towards the Bay of Belfalas. On a rise in the central area of the Vale, the Stone of Erech was placed by Isildur in an age long past.
The Men of the Blackroot Vale are renowned for their skills with the bow. The Steward of the Vale resides in the mountain-village of Morlad. The Lord of the Vale, Duinhir, has been called to Minas Tirith to help defend the White City against the imminent attack from Mordor.
We first visited the area during the 2nd Age in the Instance: At the Stone of Erech (which used a different much larger map). The area was surrounded by thick woods, with Gondorian ruins on the nearby cliffs, and waterfalls coming from a nearby river.


The view of the vale from Morlad
Blackroot Vale at sunrise

The following settlements are found within this area:

Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
Rohan - Westemnet
Underharrow (Swift) Eastfold 115 Silver  Min Level: 90
Western Gondor
Calembel (Swift) Lamedon 93 Silver  Min Level: 90
Calembel Lamedon 80 Silver  Min Level: 90
Dol Amroth (Swift) Dol Amroth 93 Silver  Min Level: 90
Dol Amroth Dol Amroth 80 Silver  Min Level: 90
Tadrent (Swift) Havens of Belfalas 93 Silver  Min Level: 90
Tadrent Havens of Belfalas 80 Silver  Min Level: 90

A farm - Sardol

A Hunting camp - Alagrant



These landmarks are located within the Blackroot Vale:



The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this place:



The following creatures are found within this area:



Blackroot Vale

Settlements and Landmarks of Blackroot Vale

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