Barad Glamgil

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Barad Glamgil
Type: Ruins
Region: Trollshaws
Area: Nan Tornaeth
Location: [28.8S, 14.1W]
Barad Glamgil.jpg

Barad Glamgil is a landmark within Nan Tornaeth, in the Trollshaws. [28.8S, 14.1W]

A set of ruined towers are located on a couple of high cliffs and are offering a gorgeous view over the Glamgil Falls to the east. Those ruins are occupied by stone-trolls who are considerably weaker than the Curr-olog trolls in western Nan Tornaeth. To the north-west is a shortcut to Amon Varadh, via some rock jumping.




These deeds can be advanced by exploring Barad Glamgil:


These creatures are encountered at this location:


Barad Glamgil overlooks the southern approach into Nan Tornaeth, as well as a dramatic waterfall which cascades into deep pools at the base of the hills below the tower. — Deed