Aughaire Skirmish Camp

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Aughaire Skirmish Camp
Type: Skirmish Camp
Region: Angmar
Settlement: Aughaire
Location: [0.2S, 39.1W]
Aughaire Skirmish Camp.jpg

Aughaire Skirmish Camp is found in the south-eastern section of Aughaire, in Angmar. [0.2S, 39.1W]

For other camps and more information, see Skirmish Camp.


Another view of the skirmish camp of Aughaire
  1. [20] Skirmishes -- Reporting In
  2. [20] Skirmishes


NPC Function Coords
HumanM.png Bill Tiller Skirmish Captain [0.1S, 39.2W]
HumanF.png Evaleen Skirmish Trainer [0.1S, 39.1W]
HumanM.png Párlan Skirmish Exchange [0.1S, 39.1W]
HumanM.png Lavrain Classic [0.1S, 39.1W]
ElfF.png Hwiniol Cosmetics [0.1S, 39.2W]
Dwarf.png Gondul Crafting [0.2S, 39.1W]
ElfM.png Danúmnir Curiosities [0.1S, 39.1W]
Dwarf.png Rerir Jewellery and Cloaks [0.2S, 39.1W]
HumanF.png Shona Provisions [0.1S, 39.2W]
HumanM.png Durell Light Armour [0.2S, 39.1W]
HumanM.png Béathan Medium Armour [0.2S, 39.1W]
HumanM.png Hamish Heavy Armour [0.1S, 39.1W]
HobbitF.png Gardenia Chubb Weapons [0.1S, 39.1W]
HumanF.png Mithril Trader Mithril Trader [0.1S, 39.1W]