Trail Food Index

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  • Trail food has a 30s cooldown.
  • Only one trail food can be active at a time.
  • Trail food is crafted by Cooks and provides bonuses to stats.
  • Trail Food-icon.png This is the icon that will be displayed under your name while the food is in effect


Name Effect Duration Min Level
Fried Mushrooms-icon.png Fried Mushrooms +3 Agility 20m None
Fried Mushrooms-icon.png Superior Fried Mushrooms +5 Agility 30m None
Pork Sausage-icon.png Pork Sausage +6 Agility 20m 10
Pork Sausage-icon.png Superior Pork Sausage +9 Agility 30m 10
Crispy Bacon-icon.png Delicious Crispy Bacon +12 Agility 20m 20
Crispy Bacon-icon.png Superior Delicious Crispy Bacon +18 Agility 30m 20
Beef-icon.png Salted Beef Delights +18 Agility 20m 30
Beef-icon.png Superior Salted Beef Delights +27 Agility 30m 30
Beef-icon.png Delicious Steak +24 Agility 20m 40
Beef-icon.png Superior Delicious Steak +36 Agility 30m 40
Honey-cake-icon.png Honey-cake +30 Agility 20m 50
Honey-cake-icon.png Superior Honey-cake +46 Agility 30m 50
Onion and Mushroom Omelet-icon.png Onion and Mushroom Omelet +36 Agility 20m 60
Onion and Mushroom Omelet-icon.png Superior Onion and Mushroom Omelet +55 Agility 30m 60
Black Pudding-icon.png Black Pudding +42 Agility 30m 66
Black Pudding-icon.png Superior Black Pudding +64 Agility 30m 66
Chicken Pie-icon.png Chicken Pie +45 Agility 20m 75
Chicken Pie-icon.png Superior Chicken Pie +68 Agility 30m 75
Flapjack-icon.png Bacon-wrapped Flapjack +54 Vitality
+54 Agility
20m 75
Pasty-icon.png Turnip-Bacon Turnover +52 Agility 20m 80
Pasty-icon.png Superior Turnip-Bacon Turnover +77 Agility 30m 80
Bacon Turnip Mash-icon.png Bacon Turnip Mash +56 Agility 20m 85
Bacon Turnip Mash-icon.png Superior Bacon Turnip Mash +83 Agility 30m 85
Turnip and Bacon Casserole-icon.png Turnip and Bacon Casserole +69 Agility
+69 Vitality
20m 85
Toad-in-the-Hole-icon.png Venison and Bean Bake +55 Agility 20m 90
Toad-in-the-Hole-icon.png Superior Venison and Bean Bake +82 Agility 30m 90
Breakfast Sarnie-icon.png Breakfast Sarnie +59 Agility 20m 95
Breakfast Sarnie-icon.png Superior Breakfast Sarnie +88 Agility 30m 95
Breakfast Sarnie-icon.png Bacon-wrapped Roast Partridge +74 Agility
+74 Vitality
20m 95
Chicken and Ithilien Vegetable Pasty-icon.png Chicken and Ithilien Vegetable Pasty +457 Agility 20m 106
Ithilien Spice Cake-icon.png Ithilien Spice Cake +557 Agility 20m 115


Name Effect Duration Min Level
Shire Pudding-icon.png Shire Pudding +3 Fate 20m None
Shire Pudding-icon.png Superior Shire Pudding +5 Fate 30m None
Sausages and Mash-icon.png Sausages and Mash +6 Fate 20m 10
Sausages and Mash-icon.png Superior Sausages and Mash +9 Fate 30m 10
Roast Beef-icon.png Roast Beef +12 Fate 20m 20
Roast Beef-icon.png Superior Roast Beef +18 Fate 30m 20
Apple Sauce-icon.png Apple Sauce +18 Fate 20m 30
Apple Sauce-icon.png Superior Apple Sauce +27 Fate 30m 30
Golden Roast Potatoes-icon.png Golden Roast Potatoes +24 Fate 20m 40
Golden Roast Potatoes-icon.png Superior Golden Roast Potatoes +36 Fate 30m 40
Bubble and Squeak-icon.png Bubble and Squeak +30 Fate 20m 50
Bubble and Squeak-icon.png Superior Bubble and Squeak +46 Fate 30m 50
Green Peas with Mint-icon.png Green Peas with Mint +36 Fate 20m 60
Green Peas with Mint-icon.png Superior Green Peas with Mint +55 Fate 30m 60
Bread and Butter Pudding-icon.png Bread and Butter Pudding +42 Fate 30m 66
Bread and Butter Pudding-icon.png Superior Bread and Butter Pudding +64 Fate 30m 66
Cauliflower and Chicken-icon.png Cauliflower and Chicken +45 Fate 20m 75
Cauliflower and Chicken-icon.png Superior Cauliflower and Chicken +68 Fate 30m 75
Mince and Taters-icon.png Mince and Taters +54 Vitality
+54 Fate
20m 75
Cherry Rhubarb Crumble-icon.png Cherry Rhubarb Crumble +52 Fate 20m 80
Cherry Rhubarb Crumble-icon.png Superior Cherry Rhubarb Crumble +77 Fate 30m 80
Cherry Cheese Pastry-icon.png Cherry Cheese Pastry +56 Fate 20m 85
Cherry Cheese Pastry-icon.png Superior Cherry Cheese Pastry +83 Fate 30m 85
Catfish Cakes-icon.png Rye Flour Oatcake +69 Fate
+69 Vitality
20m 85
Bread and Butter Pudding-icon.png Baked Pear Pudding +55 Fate 20m 90
Bread and Butter Pudding-icon.png Superior Baked Pear Pudding +82 Fate 30m 90
Spiced Pear Bread-icon.png Spiced Pear Bread +59 Fate 20m 95
Spiced Pear Bread-icon.png Superior Spiced Pear Bread +88 Fate 30m 95
Spiced Pear Bread-icon.png Partridge and a Pear Treat +74 Fate
+74 Vitality
20m 95


Name Effect Duration Min Level
Eggs and Onions-icon.png Eggs and Onions +3 Might 20m None
Eggs and Onions-icon.png Superior Eggs and Onions +5 Might 30m None
Stew-icon.png Coney Stew +6 Might 20m 10
Stew-icon.png Superior Coney Stew +9 Might 30m 10
Pork Chops-icon.png Pork Chops +12 Might 20m 20
Pork Chops-icon.png Superior Pork Chops +18 Might 30m 20
Eggs and Onions-icon.png Hobbiton Omelet +18 Might 20m 30
Eggs and Onions-icon.png Superior Hobbiton Omelet +27 Might 30m 30
Pork Chops-icon.png Feast of Rohan +24 Might 20m 40
Pork Chops-icon.png Superior Feast of Rohan +36 Might 30m 40
Buttered Scone and Jam-icon.png Buttered Scone and Jam +30 Might 20m 50
Buttered Scone and Jam-icon.png Superior Buttered Scone and Jam +46 Might 30m 50
Cauliflower Cheese-icon.png Cauliflower Cheese +36 Might 20m 60
Cauliflower Cheese-icon.png Superior Cauliflower Cheese +55 Might 30m 60
Rarebit Muffin-icon.png Rarebit Muffin +42 Might 30m 66
Rarebit Muffin-icon.png Superior Rarebit Muffin +64 Might 30m 66
Rohan Hotpot-icon.png Rohan Hotpot +45 Might 20m 75
Rohan Hotpot-icon.png Superior Rohan Hotpot +68 Might 30m 75
Crumpet-icon.png Crumpet +54 Vitality
+54 Might
20m 75
Duck Pie-icon.png Duck Pie +52 Might 20m 80
Duck Pie-icon.png Superior Duck Pie +77 Might 30m 80
Riddermark Hotpot-icon.png Riddermark Hotpot +56 Might 20m 85
Riddermark Hotpot-icon.png Superior Riddermark Hotpot +83 Might 30m 85
Roasted Chicken-icon.png Crisp Roast Duck +69 Might
+69 Vitality
20m 85
Sausage and Bean Casserole-icon.png Sausage and Bean Casserole +55 Might 20m 90
Sausage and Bean Casserole-icon.png Superior Sausage and Bean Casserole +82 Might 30m 90
Cottage Pie-icon.png Venison Cottage Pie +59 Might 20m 95
Cottage Pie-icon.png Superior Venison Cottage Pie +88 Might 30m 95
Duck Pie-icon.png Partridge Pie +74 Might
+74 Vitality
20m 95
Herb and Cheese Scone-icon.png Herb and Cheese Scone +457 Might 20m 106
Beef Pasty-icon.png Beef Pasty +557 Might 20m 115


Name Effect Duration Min Level
Cooked Carrots-icon.png Cooked Carrots +3 Vitality 20m None
Cooked Carrots-icon.png Superior Cooked Carrots +5 Vitality 30m None
Complete Hobbit Breakfast-icon.png Complete Hobbit Breakfast +6 Vitality 20m 10
Complete Hobbit Breakfast-icon.png Superior Complete Hobbit Breakfast +9 Vitality 30m 10
Stew-icon.png Snapper Soup +12 Vitality 20m 10
Stew-icon.png Vegetable Medley +12 Vitality 20m 20
Stew-icon.png Superior Vegetable Medley +18 Vitality 30m 20
Roasted Chicken-icon.png Roasted Chicken +18 Vitality 20m 30
Roasted Chicken-icon.png Superior Roasted Chicken +27 Vitality 30m 30
Eggs and Onions-icon.png Masterful Mash +24 Vitality 20m 40
Eggs and Onions-icon.png Superior Masterful Mash +36 Vitality 30m 40
Cup of Red Tea-icon.png Cup of Red Tea +30 Vitality 20m 50
Cup of Red Tea-icon.png Superior Cup of Red Tea +46 Vitality 30m 50
Mushy Green Peas-icon.png Mushy Green Peas +36 Vitality 20m 60
Mushy Green Peas-icon.png Superior Mushy Green Peas +55 Vitality 30m 60
Cottage Pie-icon.png Cottage Pie +42 Vitality 20m 66
Cottage Pie-icon.png Superior Cottage Pie +64 Vitality 30m 66
Potato Scone-icon.png Potato Scone +45 Vitality 20m 75
Potato Scone-icon.png Superior Potato Scone +68 Vitality 30m 75
White Pudding-icon.png White Pudding +54 Vitality
+456 Critical Defence
20m 75
Neeps An'tatties-icon.png Neeps An'tatties +52 Vitality 20m 80
Neeps An'tatties-icon.png Superior Neeps An'tatties +77 Vitality 30m 80
Mutton and Turnip Pie-icon.png Mutton and Turnip Pie +56 Vitality 20m 85
Mutton and Turnip Pie-icon.png Superior Mutton and Turnip Pie +83 Vitality 30m 85
Cherry Cheese Pastry-icon.png Blackberry and Pear Scrumble +55 Vitality 20m 90
Cherry Cheese Pastry-icon.png Superior Blackberry and Pear Scrumble +82 Vitality 30m 90
Rohan Hotpot-icon.png Baked Bean Stew +59 Vitality 20m 95
Rohan Hotpot-icon.png Superior Baked Bean Stew +88 Vitality 30m 95
Rohan Hotpot-icon.png Partridge Hot Pot +74 Vitality
+576 Critical Defence
20m 95


Name Effect Duration Min Level
Carrot Sticks-icon.png Carrot Sticks +3 Will 20m None
Carrot Sticks-icon.png Superior Carrot Sticks +5 Will 30m None
Bowl of Oatmeal-icon.png Bowl of Oatmeal +6 Will 20m 10
Bowl of Oatmeal-icon.png Superior Bowl of Oatmeal +9 Will 30m 10
Full Breakfast-icon.png Full Breakfast +12 Will 20m 20
Full Breakfast-icon.png Superior Full Breakfast +18 Will 30m 20
Breakfast Barley with Fruit-icon.png Breakfast Barley with Fruit +18 Will 20m 30
Breakfast Barley with Fruit-icon.png Superior Breakfast Barley with Fruit +27 Will 30m 30
Fruit Roll-icon.png Fruit Roll +24 Will 20m 40
Fruit Roll-icon.png Superior Fruit Roll +36 Will 30m 40
Green Pea Soup-icon.png Green Pea Soup +30 Will 20m 50
Green Pea Soup-icon.png Superior Green Pea Soup +46 Will 30m 50
Lamb Hotpot-icon.png Lamb Hotpot +36 Will 20m 60
Lamb Hotpot-icon.png Superior Lamb Hotpot +55 Will 30m 60
Bannock-icon.png Bannock +42 Will 30m 66
Bannock-icon.png Superior Bannock +64 Will 30m 66
Oaty Beef-icon.png Oaty Beef +45 Will 20m 75
Oaty Beef-icon.png Superior Oaty Beef +68 Will 30m 75
Bowl of Skirlie-icon.png Bowl of Skirlie +54 Vitality
+54 Will
20m 75
Herb and Nut Roll-icon.png Herb and Nut Roll +52 Will 20m 80
Herb and Nut Roll-icon.png Superior Herb and Nut Roll +77 Will 30m 80
Cherry Nut Biscuit-icon.png Cherry Nut Biscuit +56 Will 20m 85
Cherry Nut Biscuit-icon.png Superior Cherry Nut Biscuit +83 Will 30m 85
Rarebit Muffin-icon.png Cherry Rye Muffin +69 Will
+69 Vitality
20m 85
Honey-cake-icon.png Beans on Toast +55 Will 20m 90
Honey-cake-icon.png Superior Beans on Toast +82 Will 30m 90
Bread-icon.png Pear Drop Scone +59 Will 20m 95
Bread-icon.png Superior Pear Drop Scone +88 Will 30m 95
Bread-icon.png Baked Beans with Partridge +74 Will
+74 Vitality
20m 95
Merry Berry Pie-icon.png Merry Berry Pie +457 Will 20m 106
Spiced Chicken Pasty-icon.png Spiced Chicken Pasty +557 Will 20m 115

Vitality + Will

Name Effect Duration Min Level
Fried Dace with Mushrooms-icon.png Fried Dace with Mushrooms +2 Vitality
+2 Will
20m None
Fried Dace with Mushrooms-icon.png Superior Fried Dace with Mushrooms +2 Vitality
+3 Will
30m None
Catfish Cakes-icon.png Catfish Cakes +3 Vitality
+3 Will
20m 10
Catfish Cakes-icon.png Superior Catfish Cakes +3 Vitality
+6 Will
30m 10
Perch Fillet-icon.png Perch Fillet +5 Vitality
+5 Will
20m 20
Perch Fillet-icon.png Superior Perch Fillet +5 Vitality
+12 Will
30m 20
Golden Mullet Chowder-icon.png Golden Mullet Chowder +8 Vitality
+8 Will
20m 30
Golden Mullet Chowder-icon.png Superior Golden Mullet Chowder +8 Vitality
+18 Will
30m 30
Bass with Carrots and Onions-icon.png Bass with Carrots and Onions +10 Vitality
+10 Will
20m 40
Bass with Carrots and Onions-icon.png Superior Bass with Carrots and Onions +10 Vitality
+24 Will
30m 40
Roasted Carp-icon.png Roasted Carp +13 Vitality
+13 Will
20m 50
Roasted Carp-icon.png Superior Roasted Carp +13 Vitality
+30 Will
30m 50

Agility + Might + Fate + Will

Name Effect Duration Min Level
Feast of Anórien-icon.png Feast of Anórien +160 Agility
+160 Might
+160 Fate
+160 Will
20m 100

Agility + Might + Fate + Will + Vitality

Name Effect Duration Min Level
Superior Feast of Anórien-icon.png Superior Feast of Anórien +160 Agility
+160 Might
+160 Fate
+160 Will
+160 Vitality
30m 100

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