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Type: Ruins
Region: The Misty Mountains
Area: Northern High Pass
Location: [20.9S, 8.0E]


Starkhath is a landmark within Northern High Pass in the Misty Mountains. [20.9S, 8.0E]

These Giant ruins are found in the east-most of High Pass, just under the path that runs up to the Black Crack. Beginning at the south-most side of this part of the dale, a path winds itself about the steep mountain sides, up over an old giants' stone bridge, into Starkhath. Once a settlement for giants, now these abandoned hovels are used by wargs for shelter away from the icy, blistering winds of this area.

Proceeding through Starkhath, over the next stone bridge, leads to Dómstoll and to admire the gorgeous view over the High Pass.


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:




The following creatures are found within this area:


A group of travellers who passed this way many years ago described a place where giants capriciously tossed boulders across the pass for sport and amusement.
The giants appear to be gone now -– some say they were driven away when a new Great Goblin took the throne of Goblin-town and relations between the two races became intolerable. In time, tired of being tormented by their diminutive foes, the giants left this place and moved towards Iorbar to the south-west.
Only the massive stone slabs that they once used as shelter remain, echoing with the howls of the Wargs who now prowl among them. — Deed text


Bridge to the ruins of Starkhath The short climb up to the Giant ruins Entrance to Starkhath under the bridge to Dómstoll