Soldiers' Tier

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Soldiers' Tier
Type: City quarter
Region: Old Anórien
Area: Minas Tirith
Location: [65.5S, 17.6W]
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Admission to the second of the Seven Circles of the city of Minas Tirith in Old Anórien, known to the people of Gondor as The Soldiers' Tier. [65.5S, 17.6W] is by way of the Sword-gate.
This tier is home to several ale-halls and barracks catering to soldiers and the town-guard, as well as a number of armories and the Wielding-yard.




Soldiers' Tier locations from north end to south end clockwise:
Coordinates Directions / Description
[63.9S, 19.8W] City Gaol
[63.7S, 19.0W] The Wainrider's Head
[63.8S, 18.7W] Wielding-yard
[63.9S, 18.4W] Feast-hall of Aethrond
[64.1S, 18.3W] Training Ground
[64.6S, 17.7W] Hall of Laws
[65.2S, 17.4W] Armouries
[65.7S, 17.4W] Soldiers' Neath
[66.4S, 17.5W] Hall of Watchers
[66.6S, 17.6W] Court of Turin
[66.7S, 17.5W] The Sword-gate
[66.9S, 18.0W] Guest Barracks
[67.4S, 18.8W] The Splintered Shield
[67.4S, 19.4W] Captains' Quarters
[67.2S, 20.1W] The Mûmak and Keep




The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this location:


The Mûmak and Keep

NPC Function
DuilinDerufin.png Duilin Quest
DuilinDerufin.png Derufin Quest

Other Locations Quest NPCs

NPC Function Coords
GondorianSoldier.png Celonor Quest [63.6S, 19.4W]
GondorianSoldier.png Dervorin Quest [64.0S, 18.1W]
Duinhir.png Duinhir Quest [66.1S, 17.3W]
Golasgil.png Golasgil Quest [66.0S, 17.3W]

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