Quest:A War-like Word-hoard

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A War-like Word-hoard
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Dúrbethir
Starts at Players' Tier
Start Region Old Anórien
Map Ref [66.3S, 18.3W]
Quest Group Old Anórien: Minas Tirith
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Never have I been a poet of war. If we found glory in naught more than gleaming armour and feats of battle, then the Enemy has won his first victory against us.

'And so I wrought poetry of the grandeur of works or stone, of the beauty of blossom and branch, of the love of young men and maidens, fair and proud. When I put history to verse, it was of our works and journeys and failings.

'But today - today is a day of war! It is close upon us as the breath in our lungs, and I would write a song of it. As you came upon me here, I was brooding on how to begin. I think I must fill my senses with things dark, dread, and bloody. Will you help me in this?'


Help the old poet Dúrbethir compose a war-poem for the coming days.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Dúrbethir

Talk to Dúrbethir in the Fourth Circle and ask how you can help him compose a war poem.

Dúrbethir: 'If you would, go down among our soldiers in the Second Circle. Listen there to the sound of their training. Find for me a cold knife and a sweaty rag.
'Then go out into the fields - as you are fit for such deeds - and explore our ruined farmsteads. Find for me some charred wood and trampled wheat. Then go in among our foes and hear the death-rattles of their dying soldiers. Observe for me the fell gleam in the eyes of one of their captains as he fights and falls.
'Hm... yes. When you have done what I ask, return to me and I shall make a poem fit for war.'

Objective 2

  • Listen to the soldiers training
  • Find a cold knife
  • Find a sweaty rag

Soldiers can be found training and making ready in the Second Circle.

Dúrbethir asked that you go among the soldiers and listen to them train, as well as retrieve a cold knife and a sweaty rag.

Heard the soldiers training
Found a cold knife
Found a sweaty rag

Objective 3

  • Find pieces of charred wood (0/3)
  • Find trampled wheat (0/3)
  • Hear the death-rattle of enemy soldiers (0/4)
  • Observe the gleam in the eyes of a captain

Pillaged farmsteads and the enemy army can be found across the Pelennor, outside Minas Tirith.

Dúrbethir asked that you find ruined farmsteads and gather charred wood and trampled wheat. He also asked that you hear for him the death-rattle of enemy soldiers and see the gleam in an enemy captain's eye in combat and defeat.

Found a piece of charred wood (3/3)
Found trampled wheat (3/3)
The foe gasps as he falls (4/4)
The captain's eyes were wild and fey as he fought and fell

Objective 4

  • Return to Dúrbethir

Return to Dúrbethir in the Fourth Circle of Minas Tirith.

Dúrbethir: Dúrbethir takes the items you have brought him and listens with a grave expression to the impressions you gathered.
'Perhaps I asked too much of you - but yet, it is no more than we ask of every soldier here. Nevertheless, you have brought me ample inspiration. Let me ponder a moment....
'Dark the day and bright the fire
The fires in the trenches' veins
Veins go cold and life expires
Expiring joy and dread and pain
Dark the day and blood shall flow
Dark the day and still we go
'Blood shall flow and fear shall clamour
Clamour like the soldiers' cries
Cries of fury, hope, and valour
Valour chance and death defies
Dark the day and still we go
Dark the day and blood shall flow
'There, it is done. I have wrought a song for war. Perhaps we will take these words to our graves. If that is so, take my thanks as well.'