Quest:Instance: Vile Tongues

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Instance: Vile Tongues
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Gúldil
Starts at The Old Archives
Start Region Minas Tirith
Map Ref [65.6S, 18.4W]
Ends with Nobor
Ends at The Old Archives
End Region Minas Tirith
Map Ref [65.6S, 18.4W]
Quest Group Old Anórien: Minas Tirith
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

"With the aid of Mithrandir and Gúldil, you have tracked the scroll-thief to the Old Archives. If he cannot be reached before unleashing the fell magicks bound to the scroll through the Enemy's sorcery, Minas Tirith may be undone from within."


Hoping to confront the thief before the words on the stolen scroll can be spoken, Maenir directs you to the Old Archives.

Objective 1

Gúldil can be found just inside the Old Archives in the tunnels of the Sixth Circle.

Gúldil has asked you to confront the thief in the Old Archives.

Gúldil: 'We are nearing the proper section, <name>. It is just ahead - up the stairs and to the left.
'It is there that we have catalogued our extensive, albeit woefully incomplete, knowledge of the various languages of Gondor, Rhûn, Harad, and beyond. If the scholars of Minas Tirith have what this scroll-thief seeks, it must be among the texts stored there.
'You may proceed at your own discretion, but I urge you to be swift. I will remain here and ensure that no one makes for the door.'
Gúldil says, "Our collected works on language can be found in the back of the Archives, and up the stairs to the left."
Gúldil says, "I desire no part in this. All I want is to have this matter gone from the Archives."

Objective 2

The area Gúldil mentioned can be found in the back of the Old Archives on the second floor.

Gúldil has asked you to search the second floor of the Old Archives.

You have found a man surrounded by scrolls and barricaded into a corner of the archives

Objective 3

  • Listen to the scroll-thief

The scroll-thief can be found in the back of the Old Archives, on the left side of the second floor.

You have found the man you presume to be the scroll-thief and should now confront him.

Nobor says, "What do you want with me? Away with you, <class>!"
Nobor says, "You're here for the scroll, aren't you?"
Nobor says, "The scroll is of no use to me, but the words... the words can unmake the Steward!"

Objective 4

Nobor can be found in the back of the Old Archives, on the left side of the second floor.

Nobor has revealed his intent. You must convince him to abandon his plans against the Steward!

Nobor: You warn Nobor that he does not understand that the scroll is a tool of the Enemy.
'The words of yet another dog, happy to feast on scraps at the feet of the Steward! The Enemy shall claim all soon enough - better we position ourselves to be spared his full wrath.
'The Steward is powerless, and his mind betrays him! If he would treat his own son so shamefully, then how lowly are we to him?
'No, I cannot surrender now. The Steward must be slain!'

  • Listen to Nobor
Nobor says, "Your words are wasted on me. The Withered Tree shall see the Steward brought to heel!"
Nobor says, "Yshiyë shâshvat! Rûgha!"
Nobor says, "Tsak shalë yâsar Vaskuchâtak karnai!"
Nobor says, "What is this? What is happening?"
Vadokhar says, "Pârmank kwâla!"

Objective 5

Vadokhar can be found in the back of the Old Archives, on the left side of the second floor.

Vadokhar has appeared in the Old Archives. You should defeat the rogmul before it can cause any more harm.

Vadokhar says, "Srûkalnyë!"
The rogmul writhes and disappears in the darkness of the Old Archives...

Objective 6

Nobor can be found in the back of the Old Archives, on the left side of the second floor.

Nobor was slain by the summoning of the rogmul. You should examine his body before leaving the Old Archives.

Nobor: Nobor's body lies motionless on the floor of the Old Archives - his face frozen in horror. His body bears no wounds, but all life is gone from him.
The scroll's origin may or may not have been unknown to Nobor, but it is clear the power it contained was beyond his imagining and control.
Mithrandir's warning was not misplaced - he must be told of what has occurred.
Completed:Instance: Vile Tongues