Quest:Instance: The Banquet and the Breach

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Instance: The Banquet and the Breach
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Bergil
Starts at Old Guesthouse
Start Region Minas Tirith
Map Ref [66.3S, 17.1W]
Quest Group Old Anórien: Minas Tirith
Reflecting Pool Old Anórien Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

"'The children's Gathering takes place in a back room of the Old Guesthouse. Gifts, brought by all, are piled high on the table for all to enjoy.'"


The children's Gathering takes place in a back room of the Old Guesthouse. Gifts, brought by all, are piled high on the table for all to enjoy.

Objective 1

  • Join the Finder's Gathering

Join the children at the table for the Finder's Gathering.

Bergil says, "Over here, <name>!"

Objective 2

  • Take part in the Gathering

Take part in the Finder's Gathering with Bergil and the other children.

Bergil says, "Friends, we have gathered these findings here in honour of <name>."
Celegon says, "<name>!"
Dothnir says, "<name>!"
Landath says, "The best <race> I ever have met!"
Erynor says, "Did you really put that old dog Oryat on his head?"
Celegon says, "And did Mithrandir's steed truly talk in verse?"
Erynor says, "Bereneth says he didn't."
Celegon says, "I'm not asking Bereneth."
Bergil says, "Come, now. Have something to eat and drink. Take one of these wondrous poppets Túril found for us!"
Telchiel says, "This bread is very good but..."
Telchiel says, "...I can't wait 'til Gelwen and Glatham get here, for it should be much better with that jam."
Bergil says, "Do be careful of those candles, Landath. After all the trouble you had getting them."
Dothnir says, "Will you pass the dried meat, please?"
Bereneth says, "Yes, where are Gelwen and Glatham, I wonder?"
Mídion says, "Please."
Celegon says, "I am sure they will be here any minute."
Mídion says, "Please. Please."
Dothnir says, "These sweets are a delight!"
Mídion says, "Uh huh huh huh!"
Bereneth says, "Oh, the poor thing!"
Bergil says, "Everyone, hush!"
Mídion says, "Huh huh huh."
Bergil says, "Mídion, why are you crying? What's wrong?"
Mídion says, "Please - what will happen tomorrow?"
Dothnir says, "What WILL happen?"
Erynor says, "Tomorrow? Why should we think of that?"
Bergil says, "He is scared, cannot you see?"
Bergil says, "Now dry your eyes and have a sweet. There you are."
Erynor says, "What a baby."
Bergil says, "The truth is, we do not know. And there is little we boys and girls can do."
Bergil says, "But Mithrandir is here, and Lord Denethor high above. And Prince Imrahil and good old Lord Forlong, and - and the Prince of the Halflings."
Bergil says, "And my father has said that if fortune smiles upon us, all of Rohan will come pounding on horseback."
Bergil says, "If they have not lost hope, then -"
Bergil says, "What was that?"
Bergil says, "Gelwen!"
Gelwen says, "Glatham... the Cisterns... help!"

Objective 3

Gelwen has stumbled into the room, troubled and out of breath. Talk to her to find out what has happened.

Gelwen: 'Glatham and I... we were coming back through the Cisterns when suddenly there were goblins everywhere. And I thought... I could swear that there was a strange woman there. I saw no more. I ran.
'I was certain Glatham was right behind me. But he wasn't. He is still in there with all those goblins.
'You must come at once, <name>. Please!'

Objective 4

You have come with Gelwen and Bergil to the Cisterns. See if Gelwen can retrace her steps and to find her brother Glatham.

Gelwen: 'Now which way did I come? Yes, of course.'

Objective 5

You have come with Gelwen and Bergil to the Cisterns. Go with them and find Glatham.

Objective 6

  • Defeat the goblins

You have found Glatham, surrounded by goblins! More goblins come in through a breach in the wall.

Objective 7

  • Defeat the goblin captain

By dispatching the goblins near Glatham and the strange woman, you have caught the attention of the Goblin Captain.

Objective 8

Gelwen stands with Bergil, Glatham, and the mysterious woman near where the goblins came in.

You have defeated the goblins who made a breach into this part of the Cisterns and for the moment, it is safe. You should see what Gelwen has to say.

Lady Raenemel says, "Those goblins forged a breach in the stone up there. More may come through at any moment."
Lady Raenemel says, "We should go - and with haste!"
Gelwen: 'Yes, I think we should leave. Let us ALL go back to the Old Guesthouse now, and decide what to do after that.'
Completed: Instance: The Banquet and the Breach