Quest:The Secret Passage

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The Secret Passage
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Bergil
Starts at Old Guesthouse
Start Region Minas Tirith
Map Ref [66.3S, 17.1W]
Quest Group Old Anórien: Minas Tirith
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Now that I think of it, there may be a way around the Second Circle, but... no, we must try, and with your help, <name>, maybe, just maybe, it can be done.

'You see, I have heard that within the City Cisterns, you may climb right up to the Fourth Circle - which is just where we wish to go! Only, we'd never be allowed in through the Clean-waters. Not by ourselves. Not whenever we pleased!

'There is a hidden entrance, though, by the Wrights' Fellow-hall, that is seldom used. And as it should happen, one of the keys for it was lost just last week. I know because I heard Master Carethon cursing out the lad who lost it. If it could be found - if you could find it - why then, we'd be one step closer to that secret passage, wouldn't we!'


Bergil and his friends seek a new way to reach the city's upper circles, now that the Second Circle is barred to them.

Objective 1

  • Look for the key (0/6)

The Wrights' Fellow-hall lies on the far southern end of the First Circle.

Bergil knows of a second, unwatched door into the Cisterns, which might grant the children passage directly to the Fourth Circle. A key to it was lost near the Wrights' Fellow-hall recently. Search for it in that area.

Checked location for the key (6/6)
Found the key

Objective 3

Bergil waits in front of the Old Guesthouse, in the First Circle, just south of the City Gates.

Tell Bergil you found the key to the Cisterns' hidden door. With it, the children might find passage directly to the Fourth Circle.

Bergil: 'Ah, <name>, I knew you would find it! While you have been searching, I have spoken with the others, and Gelwen and Galtham have asked if they can come along.
'Would you lead the three of us into the Cisterns? Ah, but perhaps you should speak to Gelwen first.'

Objective 4

Bergil: 'Gelwin is just over there. You really should speak with her before we go.'

Gelwen stands in front of the Old Guesthouse, in the First Circle, just south of the City Gates.

Bergil says two other children, Gelwen and Glatham, would like to join you in searching the Cisterns for the secret passage. He suggested that you speak with Gelwen herself, first.

Gelwen: 'So you are <name>. It is a pleasure to meet you. Bergil has told us of your adventure together and his plan.
'The others all think that the Secret Walker lives in the Cisterns and are afraid to set foot inside. I think they are wrong, and that the Secret Walker is nothing but a story made to scare little girls and boys.
'In addition, I wish more than anything to see inside the Cisterns. I imagine it must be wondrous and beautiful. Therefore my brother and I wish to go with you. If you agree, then let us meet within the door.'

Objective 5

  • Enter the Cisterns through the hidden door

The door can be found near the Wrights' Fellow-hall, in the southern stretch of the First Circle.

Enter the cisterns through the hidden door.

Bergil, Gelwen and Glatham arrive nearly on your heels

Objective 6

  • Talk to Gelwen

If you get separated from the children, use Bergil's whistle to call them to you.

You have met Bergil, Gelwen and Glatham in the Cisterns. Gelwen has something to say.

Gelwen says, 'Look, light! The way goes up, there.
'Now that I am here, my doubts seem larger and my certainty smaller that it did before. But I shall be brave... so long as you lead the way before us. You are the grown adventurer and we are but children after all, <name>.'

Objective 7

  • Search for a way up

If you get separated from the children, use Bergil's whistle to call them to you.

Explore the Cisterns with Bergil, Gelwen, and Glatham, and search for a passage up to the Fourth Circle of Minas Tirith.

Gelwen: 'I must confess, it is stranger and more wonderful than I had even imagined.'
Bergil: 'What will we find, I wonder? Do you think a passage to the Fourth Circle truly exists?"
Glantham: 'Oh... This is where all the water is!'
Gelwen says, "My! I do not think this is the way, but I'm glad we've come, all the same."
Glatham says, "Don't let's drop anything down that well!"
Gelwen says, "Which way now?"
Glatham says, "More statues! Which are THEY of?"
Gelwen says, "What is that door, there? Could that be it?"
Discovered a passage into the Fourth Circle

Objective 8

  • Talk to Gelwen

If you get separated from the children, use Bergil's whistle to call them to you.

You have come out of the secret passage through the Cisterns, to the Fourth Circle of the City. Gelwen again appears to have something she wishes to say.

Gelwen: 'See. Glatham? The Secret Walker didn't appear and the passage DID go through, and look! Do you see where we are? The Finding Place is very near. What fortune! We must go over to it at once!
'Come, <name>. You will see for yourself!'

Objective 9

  • Investigate the Finding Place

The Finding Place lies near the Cisterns exit in the Fourth Circle.

The children have spotted something they call the "Finding Place." Walk over to it and see what it is. If you get separated, use Bergil's whistle to call the children to you.

Reaching your hand into the crevice, you discover a letter!

Objective 10

  • Talk to Bergil

If you get separated from the children, use Bergil's whistle to call them to you.

Show Bergil the slightly crumpled letter you found in the crevice of the Finding Place.

Bergil: 'What is this?'
Bergil takes the letter and examines it.
Gelwen: 'What is it? What did you find?'
Glatham:, 'Can I see?'
'Oh, by Queen Beruthiel's cats! It's a letter Landath was meant to deliver. He must have lost it. How did it end up here? Well, that's the wonder of the Finding Place.
'Never mind that. Let us go tell the others we have found a way up -- and get Landath his letter. Maybe there's even still time for him to deliver it.'

Objectice 11

  • Meet Bergil back at the Old Guesthouse

The Old Guesthouse lies in the First Circle, just south of the City Gates.

Meet Bergil and the other children back at the Old Guesthouse.

Bergil: 'We have set more than one thing right on this adventure, <name>, and I am glad. But most of all, I am glad we can reach the Finding Place once again. We boys and girls have become used to looking in there -- and the things we would find! Lost trinkets, sweets, a coin or two.
'I would have felt doubly ashamed if I had cut all them off from that!
'But look at Landath over there, puzzling over the letter! I do wonder when Himnir's sweet treats will arrive. You must join us when they do.'