Quest:The Scaled Problem

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The Scaled Problem
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Rathon
Starts at Cisterns
Start Region Minas Tirith
Map Ref [64.7S, 19.9W]
Quest Group Old Anórien: Minas Tirith
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Mount Mindolluin has many high mountain caves and crevasses. Some of these caves link up to the higher cisterns. Every once in a while some of the Mindolluin cave-lizards will find their way into the cisterns. Lately however, more and more lizards keep getting into the tunnels. Is something driving them into the cisterns?

'If you ask me, something must be done about these pests. You can disperse them by getting rid of their nests. Oh, and watch out for Old Stone-tail. She's been living in the cisterns since I was a child. Most cistern workers don't mess with her but you're an ample warrior. Perhaps you'll be the one to finally drive Old Stone-tail away for good?'


Rathon has been tasked with maintaining many of the cisterns in Minas Tirith by himself and has come to find cave-lizards who have infested the cisterns.

Objective 1

Cave-lizard nests and Old Stone-tail can be found within the cisterns.

You should remove the cave-lizard infestation from the cisterns.

Objective 2

Rathon can be found outside the cistern entrance on the Fourth Circle of Minas Tirith.

You should speak with Rathon.

Rathon: 'Well, I cannot believe it. Old Ston-tail finally took off with her tail between her legs. I never thought I would see the day. Perhaps now we can get the cave-lizard population in the cisterns under control.'