Silver Deep

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Silver Deep
Type: Mines
Region: Ered Luin
Area: Thorin's Gate
Location: [14.3S, 101.7W]
Silver Deep Troll.jpg


Silver Deep is a landmark and a dungeon within Thorin's Gate in Ered Luin. [14.3S, 101.7W]

This mine is located east of Frerin's Court and west of the Refuge of Edhelion. During the introduction quests for dwarves and elves this mine's uppermost section plays a significant role.

Silver Deep is part of the introduction instance; today the upper entrance is blocked, but relics show it was inside a magnificent elven building, which is assumed to be the library of Refuge of Edhelion, where Talagan Silvertongue sacrificed himself to stop Skorgrím.


Silver Deep Entrance


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:

Deeds are available once the introduction quests are completed.




Dwarf / Elf Intro Period

These NPCs only appear during the initial Dwarf introduction quest: Intro (Dwarf), Instance: Into the Silver Deep

NPC Function Coords
Gandalf.png Gandalf Quest [14.5S, 101.9W]
Gimli.png Gimli Quest [14.3S, 101.7W]
Dwarf.png Balin Scenery [14.4S, 101.8W]
Dwalin.png Dwalin Scenery [14.4S, 101.8W]
Glóin.png Glóin Scenery [14.5S, 101.9W]
Dourhand.png Gormr Doursmith Quest [14.3S, 101.7W]
Dwarf.png Thorin Oakenshield Scenery [14.3S, 101.7W]
Dwarf.png Kapall Quest Interior
Dwarf.png Monsi Quest Interior
Dwarf.png Foreman Otur Quest Interior
Dwarf.png Tvistur Quest Interior
Dwarf.png Vitnir Quest Interior
Dourhand.png Skorgrím Dourhand Quest Interior
Dwarf.png Miner Scenery
Dwarf.png Watcher Scenery


The following creatures are found within this area:


The Silver Deep is a hall that was abandoned long ago before it was completed. The discovery of ancient Elf-ruins and a troll prompted Thorin and Gandalf the Grey to seal it off. — Deed text


Exterior of Silver Deep mines The many stairs outside Silver Deep Mine Bridge inside the Silver Deep Mine