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Type: Fortess
Region: Ered Luin
Area: Vale of Thrain
Location: [20.6S, 103.3W]


Sarnúr is a landmark and dungeon within Vale of Thrain in Ered Luin. [20.6S, 103.3W]

This Dourhand stronghold is located in the south-west of Vale of Thrain and through Orodost, the goblin camp. Sarnúr is Sindarin for "Wide Rock" and these days Dourhand dwarves and their evil allies are mustering their forces to begin a final assault upon the Longbeards of Thorin’s Hall and the elves of eastern Ered Luin.

Sarnúr is a Public Dungeon and the main source for reputation with Thorin's Hall; the mobs and bosses range level 45 to 50. Deep down are the icy Sarnúr Caverns located, where the rarest beast delve. At Sarnúr's Keep is found the "Forge of the Blue Mountain" but it cannot be used for crafting. - [1]


Sarnúr forges.jpg

The following deeds are available and give further reputation:





Level Name Difficulty Species Morale Notes
45-46 Dwarf.png Glúmir Signature Dwarf Brigand 3,660 Dourhand, 3 spawn points at Sarnúr Keep where everything has greater protection.
47-48 Snowbeast.png Icerender Elite Master Beast 19,978 Snowbeast, 3 spawn points at bottom floor of the hall of the snowbeasts, either roaming or standing grouped with two others at the far end or standing in the middle of the hall, right in front of the stairs.
48-49 Lynx.png Northpaw Signature Lynx 4,036 Stealthed Highland Lynx, roaming the upper floor of the Great Hall. 3 spawn points: static spawn at the main entrance; pathing spawn across the bridge and along the back wall by the Keep entrance; pathing spawn in the back right corner.
48 TrollBoss.png Gâdhûp Elite Troll-kind 14,830 Found in the Troll cave. 2 spawn points: roaming the second floor pathing across the bridges; on the ramp in the far end of the cave leading down to the bottom floor.
49 GoblinLord.png Latub Signature Goblin 4,169 Blue-crag Goblin, 3 spawn points: the room when you first enter Sarnur (the Great Hall, patrolling the central bridge); the room by the tunnel down to the trolls; patrolling up and down the stairs to the trolls.
50 Drake.png Brúllug Nemesis Drake 66,000+ Drake, roams in the Troll cave (protected elite area). Has 2 spawn points: at the second floor around a large ice shard; on the very bottom floor; it occasionally flies between locations.



The Dungeon of Sarnúr Sarnúr map.jpg Sarnúr Caverns map.jpg Sarnúr Hold map.jpg


After the Longbeards routed them from the stronghold of Thorin's Hall, the Dourhand Dwarves scattered, maintaining only their hold upon the port of Kheledûl and several small encampments among the Blue Mountains. Many travelled beyond the Ered Luin at the command of a wight masquerading as their chieftain, Skorgrím. While regathering their strength, they discovered the ruins of one of the ancient cities of their forebears, a long-abandoned delving that they renamed Sarnúr.
In Sarnúr, the Dourhands and their evil allies are mustering their forces to begin a final assault upon the Longbeards of Thorin’s Hall and the elves of Duillond. The dwarves of the Blue Stone Garrison have begun recruitment efforts to turn aside the wrath of the Dourhands by going on the offensive. Until the threat from Sarnúr is removed, the dwarves of Thorin’s Hall will be able to lend little aid to the efforts against Angmar. - [2]


Closed gate to the Dourhand stronghold of Sarnúr

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