Ram Dúath

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Area.png Ram Dúath
Region: Angmar
Dungeon(s): Rimpúrod
Landmark(s): Duvairë
Settlement(s): Lehmä-koti
Western Malenhad
Nan Amlug East - The North Downs
Levels: Mainly 40 - 42
Resource tier: Artisan
Ram Dúath.jpg

Ram Dúath is an area within Angmar in the south-western region.

Ram Dúath is a range of black, craggy mountains with maze-like and treacherous passages and dead-end rifts and ridges. In the south-west the vales and mountain faces are den to drakes, worms and other fell creatures, and elsewhere spiders and cave-claws are prowling. In the eastern section angmarim and orcs guard the eastern roads as well as the camps and fortresses they hold, here also Merrevail have settled in a cavern. It should be noted that the worms and drakes in the south-western vales are of much lower level and the rest of this area.

In the centre of the area, athwart the safe road from the North Downs to Aughaire, a friendly tribe of Earth-kins have built a small village, driven away by the hosts of Angmar. There are found some basic services, a Camp Site Fire, and ... less talkative quest-givers.

From the North Downs three paths connect to this area:


The following settlements are found within this area:


These landmarks are located within Ram Dúath:



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Earthkin.png Earth-kin Scout


See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests



The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of Angmar


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"Far to the north of the Shire – indeed, far to the north of Bree-land and the North Downs – lies a range of black, craggy mountains that bars passage from the North Downs into Angmar beyond. This range is called the Ram Dúath. Over the course of history it has served as a fortification of the Witch-king's realm, and as a cage in which to pen his servants after his defeat. The Rangers of the North keep an eye ever trained on the mouths of its passes, watching for trouble from the cursed lands beyond.
"The passage through the Ram Dúath is maze-like and treacherous, a den to drakes and other fell creatures, as well as home to the strange Earth-kin, gentle giants who hunt the aurochs of the North Downs. Recently, armies out of Angmar have begun to descend through the Ram Dúath, threatening the North Downs and the rest of Eriador beyond. — lorebook

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