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PvMP Armour sets are Armour Item Sets that are designed for and can be obtained only through PvMP. There are a number of different armour barterers at the Free Peoples' base in the Ettenmoors, Glân Vraig:

Essence Armour

Armour set items with Essence slots can be acquired in Glân Vraig and at The Causeway Forts, talk to the Armour Vendors to barter for the sets. There are three different level 100 sets:

Class Barterers

Each trader NPC offers three sets for Level 130 Players (as well as others who were designed for past PvMP seasons):

Scaling Armour Vendors

For players who have not yet reached Level 130, there are three barterers who offer armour that adjusts its stats to "last" for 9 levels (e.g. Level 20-29).

Glân Vraig Commendation Traders
Class Traders Quartermaster (Beornings) | Egbert Ditchins (Burglars) | Cathorn (Captains) | Celoseth (Champions) | Halgils (Guardians) | Tongdir (Hunters) | Dayna (Lore-masters) | Bellflower Pitts (Minstrels) | Telemnar (Rune-keepers) | Landru (Wardens)
Scaling Armour Traders Coldfells Heavy Armour Quartermaster | Coldfells Medium Armour Quartermaster | Coldfells Light Armour Quartermaster
Other Blythe (Jewellery) | Alwuld (Consumables) | Coldfells Quartermaster (Cloaks and Maps)