Pinnath Fenui

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Pinnath Fenui
Type: Goblin camp
Region: The Misty Mountains
Area: Eastern Bruinen Source
Location: [23.3S, 2.6E]
Pinnath Fenui Upper Camp.jpg


Pinnath Fenui is a landmark within Eastern Bruinen Source in The Misty Mountains. [23.2S, 2.6E]

At the southern mountain slopes of this vale lies a large goblin fortification, high high above Whitcleft. Well beaten trails begin south as well as east of the Caldwell Pool, before winding their way up-hills passing through smaller goblin encampments first. All the way up fierce goblins are on guard, protecting their leader Gurzmat. Scouts report that the goblin-leader may even be working with the Dourhand dwarves himself.




The following creatures are found within this area:


The camp just inside the main gate of the fort The main gate of Pinnath Fenui View of the lower camps prior to the fort The main central camp within Pinnath Fenui

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