Morale Potions Index

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  • Morale potions have a 2m cooldown.
  • Morale potions are crafted by Scholars, dropped as loot by humanoid creatures or offered as quest rewards.
Name Effect Min Level
Lesser Athelas Essence-icon.png Lesser Athelas Essence +100-150 Morale None
Lesser Athelas Extract-icon.png Lesser Athelas Extract +200-300 Morale None
Simple Athelas Essence-icon.png Simple Athelas Essence +200-300 Morale 15
Simple Athelas Extract-icon.png Simple Athelas Extract +300-400 Morale 15
Greater Athelas Essence-icon.png Greater Athelas Essence +300-400 Morale 25
Greater Athelas Extract-icon.png Greater Athelas Extract +400-500 Morale 25
Refined Athelas Essence-icon.png Refined Athelas Essence +400-500 Morale 35
Refined Athelas Extract-icon.png Refined Athelas Extract +500-600 Morale 35
Distilled Athelas Essence-icon.png Distilled Athelas Essence +500-600 Morale 45
Distilled Athelas Extract-icon.png Distilled Athelas Extract +600-750 Morale 45
Infused Athelas Essence-icon.png Infused Athelas Essence +600-750 Morale 51
Infused Athelas Extract-icon.png Infused Athelas Extract +750-900 Morale 51
Pure Athelas Essence-icon.png Pure Athelas Essence +750-900 Morale 58
Pure Athelas Extract-icon.png Pure Athelas Extract +900-1000 Morale 58
Potent Athelas Essence-icon.png Potent Athelas Essence +900-1000 Morale 60
Steeped Athelas Essence-icon.png Steeped Athelas Essence +1100-1200 Morale 65
Westfold Athelas Essence-icon.png Westfold Athelas Essence +1200-1300 Morale 70
Rohirric Athelas Essence-icon.png Rohirric Athelas Essence +1300-1400 Morale 75
Eastemnet Athelas Essence-icon.png Eastemnet Athelas Essence +1400-1525 Morale 80
Riddermark Athelas Essence-icon.png Riddermark Athelas Essence +1525-1650 Morale 85
Eastemnet Athelas Essence-icon.png Westemnet Athelas Essence +1650-1775 Morale 90
Riddermark Athelas Essence-icon.png Eorlingas Athelas Essence +1775-1900 Morale 95
Riddermark Athelas Essence-icon.png Anfalas Athelas Essence +1900-2025 Morale 100
Anórien Athelas Essence-icon.png Anórien Athelas Essence +2356-2480 Morale 100
Doomfold Athelas Essence-icon.png Doomfold Athelas Essence +2481-2612 Morale 106
Doomfold Athelas Essence-icon.png Supreme Doomfold Athelas Essence +2690-2832 Morale 115
Eastemnet Athelas Essence-icon.png Ered Mithrin Athelas Essence +27788-29250 Morale 116

Usable in Monster Play only

Name Effect Min Level Min Glory
Enhanced Essence of Athelas-icon.png Enhanced Essence of Athelas +1200-1300 Morale 20 2
Concentrated Essence of Athelas-icon.png Concentrated Essence of Athelas +1300-1400 Morale 20 3
Elixir of Twice Purified Athelas-icon.png Elixir of Twice Purified Athelas +1525-1650 Morale 20 4

  • These potions are either available in the LOTRO Store, granted by Hobbit Presents, granted as rewards from Gift Boxes, or granted as quest rewards.
  • The effect over time lasts 10 seconds.
  • These potions do not share a cooldown with other potions.
Name Initial Effect Effect
Over Time
Min Level
Morale Potion (Tier 1)-icon.png Morale Potion (Tier 1) +72-90 Morale +16-20 Morale every 2 seconds None
Morale Potion (Tier 2)-icon.png Morale Potion (Tier 2) +112-140 Morale +24-30 Morale every 2 seconds 10
Morale Potion (Tier 3)-icon.png Morale Potion (Tier 3) +144-180 Morale +28-35 Morale every 2 seconds 20
Morale Potion (Tier 6)-icon.png Morale Potion (Tier 6) +288-360 Morale +56-70 Morale every 2 seconds 50
Morale Potion (Tier 7a)-icon.png Morale Potion (Tier 7a) +480-600 Morale +96-120 Morale every 2 seconds 65
Morale Potion (Tier 8)-icon.png Morale Potion (Tier 8) +576-720 Morale +120-150 Morale every 2 seconds 75
Morale Bubble Potion-icon.png Morale Bubble Potion ... Temporary Morale
None None
Universal Morale Potion-icon.png Universal Morale Potion +...-... Morale
+...-... Morale every 2 seconds
Universal Healing Potion-icon.png Rejuvenation Potion +...-... Morale
+...-... Power
+...-... Morale every 2 seconds
+...-... Power every 2 seconds

  • These potions are no longer available in game, but may remain in inventory from prior updates.
Name Initial Effect Effect
Over Time
Min Level
Morale Potion (Tier 4)-icon.png Morale Potion (Tier 4) +192-240 Morale +40-50 Morale every 2 seconds 30
Morale Potion (Tier 5)-icon.png Morale Potion (Tier 5) +232-290 Morale +48-60 Morale every 2 seconds 40
Morale Potion (Tier 7)-icon.png Morale Potion (Tier 7) +384-480 Morale +76-95 Morale every 2 seconds 60
Universal Morale Potion-icon.png Morale Potion (Tier 9) +672-840 Morale +144-180 Morale every 2 seconds 85

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