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Areas-icon.png Maethad
Region: Angmar
Levels: Mainly 47 - 48
Resource tier: Master

Maethad is an area within Angmar in the south-eastern region.

This area is also referred to as "the Arena", due to the layout, the placement of mobs, and that the name is Sindarin for "Battle". Maethad is contained within the borders of Gorothlad at all sides. Watching-stones are standing guard by each of the two entrances, applying +5 Dread on adventurers, in addition to the brutish trolls and Gertheryg keeping watch. Those that truly wish to enter the arena will find the eastern entrance to be the more accessible of the two due to the distance between the Watching-stone and guards.

Throughout Maethad trolls spar along the rim of the arena to hone their abilities in warfare. In the sunken pit at the center of Maethad is the Ushum-ghâsh which is used to initiate challenges to Khurrákh, the current Master of Maethad, though he will only fight those he deems worthy.

The nearest services are found in the dwarven outpost of Gabilshathûr, though there is a Camp Site Fire with a Mustering Horn in Gorothlad, to the north-east. [4.1N, 21.7W]





Map of Angmar Topographic map of Angmar


Khurrákh only leaves his tower for challengers he deems worthy The crater in the arena is filled with water in all 4 corners Gertheryg and trolls spar up top to hone their skills in combat The Ushum-ghâsh is at the center of Maethad and is used for initiating combat challenges The western of the two entrances is well guarded by trolls and a Watching-stone