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Settlement.png Lhanuch
Region: Enedwaith
Area: Nan Laeglin
Location: [66.5S, 17.2W]


Entrance to Lhanuch

Lhanuch ('Ox Village') is found in the middle of Enedwaith, in Nan Laeglin. [66.6S, 17.2W]

It is a Dunlending settlement, home to Dunlendings of the Ox-clan. A fence made of wooden stakes surrounds the place, which is situated on a hill. Two warriors guard the only entrance to the town. The houses inside are round and made of stone with straw roofs. In the open air, meat is hung to dry in the sun. On top of the hill, two houses can be entered by outsiders. One of them is The Brenin's Hall, the central hall of gathering for all the Dunlendings in Lhanuch. Several quest givers are found here, of which some are emissaries of the White Hand. The house next to it is called The Hall of Making. It provides the best crafting facilities one could wish for in this faraway country.

Interior Locations






Quest Involvement

See Enedwaith Quests for all quests in Enedwaith


  1. [63] The Brenin's Council
  2. [63] Instance: The Council of Brehur Solo Only
  3. [64] Trouble in the Bluffs (Same quest as the one in Harndirion, though with different text) Vector to Mincham in the Lich Bluffs

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