Iskeld's Lookout

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Iskeld's Lookout
Type: Ruins
Region: Misty Mountains
Area: Bruinen Source West
Location: [21.5S, 4.6W]

Iskeld's Lookout is a landmark within Bruinen Source West, in the Misty Mountains. [21.5S, 4.6W]

High up the west-most mountainsides of the area this dwarf-outpost still stands, though long since abandoned. Now a large population of vicious snow-beasts are prowling this structure and the adjacent frozen pond, quite a distance north of Glóin's Camp.




These deeds can be advanced by exploring Iskeld's Lookout:


These creatures are encountered around this location:


Iskeld's Lookout is one of the oldest dwarf-outposts in the northern Misty Mountains. It was built to stand guard over the source of the river Bruinen and ensure that no enemy would be able to interfere with the life-giving flow of waters down into lands below. After the fall of the Longbeard's fortress to the south, Iskeld’s Lookout was abandoned, and only wild and terrible beasts roam here now. — Deed