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Type: Giants' Settlement
Region: The Misty Mountains
Area: Giant Halls
Location: [30.6S, 5.7E]


Iorbar is a landmark within the Giant Halls in The Misty Mountains. [30.6S, 5.7E]

Located in the furthest south-east of the halls, Iorbar is a massive settlement where a large population of frost-giants dwell. There are many paths leading from the eastern Giant Halls into Iorbar, but none is safer than the other as the giants are patrolling without much of leeway between themselves.


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:




The following creatures are found within this area:


Iorbar is a massive, desolate settlement within which the Giants of the Misty Mountains gather from time to time. While Iorbar is not a fortress in any true sense of the word, its sheer size and great stone structures make it a formidable redoubt, and its massive inhabitants make it even more so.
Even at height of their strength within the Misty Mountains, Durin's Folk never made open war against the giants, nor attempted to drive them from Iorbar despite the occasional raids and harassment of travellers; instead, an uneasy truce reigned for many long years until the dwarves were finally driven out of the mountains by goblins. — Deed text


Iorbar (Terrain Map).png
Terrain Map of Iorbar and the Giant's Needle to the west

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