Imlad Norn

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Imlad Norn
Type: Troll Dens
Region: Misty Mountains
Area: Giant Halls
Location: [31.7S, 0.6E]
Imlad Norn.jpg

Imlad Norn is a landmark within Giant Halls, in the Misty Mountains. [31.7S, 0.6E]

In the furthest south-west of the area, a narrow, rocky passage runs through Imlad Norn. Sheltered by the snow-dusted trees that line the path, a large population of trolls make their home among the dens in this area. Nothing of interest is to be found at the end of this passage, and travellers would do best to just avoid the locations altogether, unless they have a bone to pick with the trolls.


These creatures are encountered at this location: