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Areas-icon.png Harloeg
Region: The Lone-lands
Landmark(s): Nindor
Ost Haer
Talath Gaun
Levels: Mainly 29 - 33
Resource tier: Artisan

Harloeg is an area within the Lone-lands in the south-eastern region.

Harloeg is Sindarin for "Southern Pool" and it is a forested wetland basin. The eastern part of Harloeg is mostly forest, where trolls are known to have holdouts, while the western area is barer and wetter, with haunted ruins lining the southern cliffs. To the north of Harloeg lie the hills of Talath Gaun.

The ruined fortresses of Nindor and Ost Haer are found here. At the latter are found some odd individuals, one who is involved in deciphering the runes of the past and might give a clue to the epic events that affected the Lone-lands this bad. There is also found a Camp Site Fire.


These landmarks are located within Harloeg:


See list of NPCs within Harloeg.


See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests



Ost Haer

The following creatures are found within this area:


Click for larger image Topographic map of the Lone-lands


Ruined hilltop in central Harloeg Pocket forest in the Harloeg marshland Troll camp in eastern Harloeg Thick forests surround a troll cave in eastern Harloeg Harloeg East: Home of trolls Troll cave in eastern Harloeg

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