Grimbeorn’s Lodge

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Settlement.png Grimbeorn’s Lodge
Region: Vales of Anduin
Area: Vales of Anduin
Location: [33.5N, 53.3W]
Grimbeorn's Lodge.jpg


Grimbeorn’s Lodge is found within the Vales of Anduin. [33.5N, 53.5W]

On the western eaves of Mirkwood, on the banks of the Anduin, to the north of the Old Forest Road reside the Beornings, a rustic tribe of skin-changing Woodmen. All descendants of Beorn hail from these woods and dales surrounding the Anduin, from the shores near the Carrock up to the High Pass through the Misty Mountains.

Beorning players begin their journey in these Vales and may return later when the Return Home (Beorning)-icon.png Return to Grimbeorn's Lodge trait is slotted.



The view of the Lodge as you enter the Vales of Anduin The gate to the Beorning compound The front door of Grimbeorn's Lodge. Cabins within the Beorning compound A plethora of animals by the lodge Cattle in their pen at the compoud Garden beds & wheat fields to feed the hungry appetites of the Beorning

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