Avabárg (fortress)

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This page is about the remaining interior and halls of the fortress of Avabárg exterior. For the area and exterior location, see Avabárg
Avabárg (fortress)
Region: Vales of Anduin
Area: Avabárg
Location: [5.3N, 57.1W]

Avabárg (fortress) is the interior of the old North-men Fortress at Avabárg in the Vales of Anduin. [5.3N, 57.1W]




The fortress was home to the North-men, who became the Rohirrim when they moved south. After they abandoned the place, dark things moved in.

Gollum, or Úbil as the Woodsmen called him, was one. He hid here and preyed on the Woodsmen, using the Ring to sneak into their homes, until he was driven out by Radagast. The spirits of those slain by him remain, waiting for release.