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Image of Langhár
Gender Female
Race Beorning
Region Vales of Anduin
Area Meadhollow
Settlement Beorninghús
Map Ref [13.1N, 54.5W]


Langhár is a Beorning of the line of mighty Beorn. She lives at Beorninghús with her sire Grimbeorn and others of her kin. She likes to roam the fields and enjoy the beauty of nature, but can be a fierce foe when engaged in battle.

Beorning characters first encounter her during the Beorning intro instance at Meadhollow.

Later, she appears at Ost Guruth in the Lone-lands [31.4S, 29.3W] before moving onwards to the region along the Great River where she can be found at Stangard.

She also appears in Eryn Lasgalen and the Vales of Anduin

Quest Involvement

Beorning specific

Episodic Content

Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands

Vales of Anduin



Langhár is the sister of all Beorning player characters. They share another brother, Sterkist. Langhár's name can be translated as "Long Hair" from old germanic.