Echad Eregion

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Settlements-icon.png Echad Eregion
Region: Eregion
Area: High Hollin
Location: [47.0S, 12.5W]
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Echad Eregion is a settlement located within the area of High Hollin in Eregion. [47.0S, 12.5W]

These ruins once served as a central waypost in the elf-realm of Eregion connecting to all the other cities of the region. In present day, however, it serves as a minor outpost from which the elves of Rivendell are combating the efforts of the enemy to push north as the pillage and plunder the elven ruins. The elves stationed here are primarily concerned with the activities of the half-orcs in Barad Morlas and Pembar, in addition to culling some the wolves that have devastated the local wildlife.

Encountered by travelers prior to heading south towards Enedwaith or southwest towards Moria, this outpost offers a limited array of services such as a Stable-master and Milestone, as well as a Supplier/Provisioner and a Healer. As previously mentioned, there are also a sizable amount of quests available for dealing with the half-orcs in the nearby ruins.


Echad Eregion Stable

The following services can be found within the settlement of Echad Eregion:



Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
Echad Dúnann (Swift) Eregion 35 Silver  Min Level: 45
Completed deed: Silent and Restless (Advanced)
Echad Dúnann Eregion 25 Silver  Min Level: 45
Echad Mirobel (Swift) Eregion 35 Silver  Min Level: 45
Completed deed: Silent and Restless (Final)
Echad Mirobel Eregion 25 Silver  Min Level: 45
Gwingris (Swift) Eregion 35 Silver  Completed deed: Silent and Restless
Gwingris Eregion 25 Silver 
Rivendell (Swift) The Trollshaws 35 Silver  Min Level: 40
Completed deed: Silent and Restless (Intermediate)
Rivendell The Trollshaws 25 Silver  Min Level: 40
Echad Candelleth The Trollshaws 25 Silver  Min Level: 35


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:




Supplies & Services

NPC Function Coords
ElfM.png Rochdúr Stable-master [47.0S, 12.6W]
ElfF.png Hwethloth Healer [47.0S, 12.5W]
ElfM.png Faelbenn Supplier & Provisioner [47.0S, 12.5W]


NPC Function Coords
ElfM.png Dornhador Quest [46.9S, 12.5W]
ElfF.png Faenhilith Quest [47.0S, 12.5W]
Dwarf.png Fúsi Gem-cutter Quest [47.0S, 12.5W]
ElfM.png Golgallon Quest [47.0S, 12.5W]
ElfM.png Ladenthir Quest [46.9S, 12.5W]
ElfF.png Lengliel Quest [47.0S, 12.5W]
Ranger.png Radanir Quest [46.9S, 12.5W]


The current encampment of Echad Eregion was once a waypost central to the cities of Eregion in ages past. — Deed Text


The camp within the ruins of Echad Eregion Starry sky over the ruined waypost Rally point just outside Echad Eregion Another view of the outpost's inhabitants Road passing through the waypost