Quest:Instance: As Near as May Be

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Instance: As Near as May Be
Level 65
Type Solo only
Starts with Halbarad
Starts at Echad Eregion
Start Region Eregion
Map Ref [46.9S, 12.5W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 2
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialog

As Near as May Be
"A skilled jewel-crafter has crossed our path, and Halbarad has devised a curious plan for him. He wants imitations made of the ring of Barahir borne by Aragorn for each Dúnadan in our company..."


Halbarad's plan is set into motion: for Fúni Gem-cutter to fashion imitations of Aragorn's ring of Barahir, based on Candaith's description.

Objective 1

Halbarad is waiting to speak with you outside the ring-forges.

Halbarad: 'Fúni Gem-cutter has been working hard within, melting gold with which to fashion quality imitations of the ring borne by Aragorn our chieftain. Candaith, learned in lore as he is, described the ring to Fúni, and the dwarf has pledged that his reproductions will deceive all but the most studious observer.'
Halbarad says, "What is this?"
Fúsi Gem-cutter says, "Hoy, you there!"

Objective 2

Fúsi Gem-cutter has emerged from the ring-forges with a request for you.

Halbarad: 'His father Fúni must still be working to fashion recreations of the ring borne by Aragorn. What must Fúsi Gem-cutter require of us?'
Fúsi Gem-cutter: 'The work goes well, <name>! Already some of the rings have been made, and they are identical to the description with which my father was provided. But the gold is running low! Very little gold is needed for each ring, of course, but my father can use only small quantities of the material when it is melted, or imperfections will arise.
'Bring more coffers of gold to me from where they are being stored!'

Objective 3

  • Pick up a treasure-coffer from the corner of the room where they are stored
  • Carry the treasure-coffer to Fúsi Gem-cutter.

Treasure-coffers from Minas Elendúr can be found in the corner of the ruins.

Fúsi Gem-cutter has asked you to bring more gold from the coffers you retrieved from Minas Elendúr.

Fúsi Gem-cutter: 'Where are you keeping the coffers of gold you brought out of those ruins, <name>? Go get one! My father needs more high-quality gold if he is to continue making these imitations.'
Halbarad says, "The coffers you retrieved from Minas Elendúr are in the corner there, <name>."
Fúsi receives the gold with an appraising look

Objective 4

Candaith has asked to speak with you, if you have a moment to spare.

Fúsi Gem-cutter: 'I hope there is enough gold for the rings your friends require. It takes more than ordinary gold, you see. Only the highest quality gold can be used if these are to be sufficiently realistic, and when melted, only very small amounts of gold is suitable.'
Candaith: 'The ring-making is going well? Good. I gave the jewel-smith a description of the Ring of Barahir as I remembered it, and if he has the skill he claims to have, his imitations should be suitable.
'Elrohir wanted me to send you to him, if you had a moment. He was contemplating our plans beneath a tree in the courtyard to the north of here, if you would speak with him.'
Candaith says, "Elrohir was in the courtyard to the north when I left him."

Objective 5

Elrohir is waiting for you in the courtyard north of Candaith and Halbarad.

Candaith: 'Elrohir did not say why he wished to speak with you, but he did seem concerned about something. I wonder what is troubling him? Something about the road ahead?'
Elrohir: 'The crafting of the rings sought by Halbarad goes well, <name>? Good. If these preparations give our enemies even the slightest pause, the time they take will be counted five and seven times in value.'
Elrohir pauses for a moment, thinking, and then takes you into his confidence.
'Before we left Imladris, my father gave to me messages for Aragorn, confident that he would understand them. But I too understand their meaning, and that understanding fills me with worry. He bade me to remind Aragorn of the words of the seer Malbeth, and of the Paths of the Dead. I will tell you of ...'
Suddenly, a shout breaks the silence, and Elohir leaps to his feet!
Elrohir says, "What was that? Someone is in trouble!"

Objective 6

  • Investigate the distant shout

A distant shout has broken the stillness. What has happened?

An exhausted Ranger stands before you, his breath ragged and uneven

Objective 7

  • Talk to the exhausted Ranger

What danger has come to the ring-forges, and what does it signify for the Grey Company?

If you completed Halros Should Go:

Halros: '<name> ... a party of warring uruks ... has climbed the path to this place. And I have seen others... in the distance. It will not be long... before they arrive...'
Halros grabs your arm, desperate to tell you something else.
'Golodir... stayed hold them back. him...'
Halros says, "Go quickly...and help Golodir...."
Elrohir says, "I will get help, <name>! Go and stand with Golodir!"

If you completed Halros Should Stay:

Radanir: 'A party of...uruks! They have...climbed the path.... And there are the distance. It will not be long...before they arrive....'
Radanir seeks to catch his breath, but the exertion has been too much and the urgency of his message cannot be restrained.
' at the entrance.... He hopes to...hold them back. Help him quickly....'
Radanir says, "You...have Golodir!"
Elrohir says, "I will get help, <name>! Go and stand with Golodir!"

Objective 8

Golodir has remained at the entrance courtyard of the ring-forges in order to delay the attacking uruks. He needs your help.

Golodir: 'Despair not, <name>. We will defeat these uruks, or we will delay then for as long as necessary for the remainder of our Company to complete the task for which we have come to these forges.'

Objective 9

  • Defend Golodir from the uruks

Golodir has remained at the entrance courtyard of the ring-forges in order to delay the attacking uruks. He needs your help.

Golodir says, "I have told you once already, Uruk. You will not leave this place alive!"
Kúfthak, Ninkoth Leader says, "Ha! A good joke!"
Kúfthak, Ninkoth Leader says, "You two! Teach them the dangers of boasting to Kúfthak of the Ninkoth!"
Ninkoth Despoiler says, "With pleasure!"
Golodir says, "Is that the best you can manage?"
Kúfthak, Ninkoth Leader says, "You impudent...."
Sarghúd, Kamglok Leader says, "I thought I smelled Man-flesh here. Or is that the stench of Ninkoth?"
Kúfthak, Ninkoth Leader says, "Sarghúd! What are you doing here? The Ninkoth have this in hand!"
Sarghúd, Kamglok Leader says, "That is not what I see! Show these weaklings your bared teeth, my Kamglok!"
Kamglok Warrior says, "The Kamglok will have Man-flesh this day!"
Sarghúd, Kamglok Leader says, "Impossible!"
Kúfthak, Ninkoth Leader says, "Ha ha ha ha! Now, my Ninkoth, attack! You will be the ones to slay these foes!"
Sarghúd, Kamglok Leader says, "Together we can slay them, Kúfthak. We must put aside our differences today!"
Kúfthak, Ninkoth Leader says, "You are right, Sarghúd. There are only two of them! We will rip them asunder!"
Calenglad says, "Golodir and <name> are not alone, vile ones!"
Sarghúd, Kamglok Leader says, "What can you hope to do? You will be the first to die!"
Calenglad says, "Grey Company, attack!"
The uruks have been defeated
Golodir says, "Let that be a lesson to you! Together the strength of the Dúnedain cannot be overcome!"
Golodir: 'We have victory! The uruks will not again underestimate the Dúnedain! It is good to stand against our foes with true allies behind and beside us, is it not? I had forgotten what it felt like, <name>. I have been bowed beneath too many shadows of late. It is good to cast them off!'
Halbarad: 'According to Fúsi Gem-cutter, his father's work is going well and smoothly. With no more interruptions, I feel that we will soon see an end to this delay.'
Halbarad laughs softly, a sound that has been missing from the journey of the Grey Company, unnoticed until now.
'I say delay, but I feel better for having a secret held in reserve. Let our foes mill about in confusion, while the true heir of Isildur makes stealth his ally! It is good to be doing something.'
Halbarad: 'We have done well this day, <name>. May Fúni Gem-cutter's work go as well'