Quest:Chapter 5: Forces at Work in Eregion

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Chapter 5: Forces at Work in Eregion
Level 65
Type Solo
Starts with Saeradan
Starts at Gwingris
Start Region Eregion
Map Ref [40.0S, 16.5W]
Ends with Frightened Adventurer
Ends at Târ Stazg
End Region Eregion
Map Ref [48.6S, 6.5W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 2
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The rest of the Dúnedain have gone on ahead. They wait now for us!

'We will meet up with the Company for the next leg of our journey further south of here, at Echad Eregion. May the wind at your back speed you onward! Erebrandir and I will see how stands up the work of Londan.

'Until we meet again at Echad Eregion, <name>.'


The ride of the Grey Company continues, with the Dúnedain travelling further south into Eregion.

Objective 1

  • Speak with Radanir upon meeting up with the company at Echad Eregion

The next leg of the journey will take the Grey Company to Echad Eregion, and it is there that they will meet up with you again.

Radanir: 'We have called a halt, <name>, and it may be for longer than we originally intended. We have received a call for aid from a dwarf coming north from the White Mountains, and Halbarad has determined it to be serious enough to justify a stop.
'The dwarf's name is Fúsi - Fúsi Gem-cutter -- and he will speak to you about his problem. He will speak to anyone, it seems!'

Objective 2

Radanir has asked you to speak with Fúsi Gem-cutter about his serious problem, a problem that has brought the Grey Company to a halt.

Fúsi Gem-cutter: 'Yes, who are you? You are no Ranger, I can see that. It is an outrage, I tell you, when dwarves cannot take the road north from the White Mountains without fear of harassment!
'There we were, my father and I, when out from behind one of the large stones you see scattered everywhere in these lands jumps the largest uruk you've ever seen. He beat his chest with a gloved hand, shouted the name of his clan -- I'll never forget it -- then knocked out my father Fúni and dragged him off!'
You ask him in what direction the Sharkúnakh uruk took his father, and his brow furrows with puzzlement.
'Sharkúnakh? No, no. The name he shouted was Ninkoth. In all the confusion, I can't remember what direction he went, but if you find the site of the attack, which was east of here, you may see some tracks or something.'

Objective 3

  • Find the site of the attack on Fúsi and Fúni Gem-cutter

Fúsi Gem-cutter's father Fúni was attacked somewhere east of Echad Eregion.

Fúsi has asked you to find the site of the attack and determine where his father has been taken by the Ninkoth uruk.

Fúsi Gem-cutter: 'If you can find the Ninkoth uruk, you may be able to find my father! We were attacked somewhere to the east of here!'
A confusion of tracks surround the fallen pack and lead off to the east

Objective 4

  • Find information about the Ninkoth uruks east of the fallen backpack

The tracks at the fallen backpack lead east. It is in that direction that Fúni Gem-cutter must have been taken.

You have learned is what direction the Ninkoth uruks have taken Fúni Gem-cutter and should follow the tracks.

Ninkoth Scout says, "Says he dropped the sack when we nabbed him? Should be around here."
Ninkoth Scout says, "I die for the Ninkoth!"
Ninkoth Scout says, "The Ninkoth will avenge me!"
Ninkoth Scout says, "You will never find that dwarf!"
Ninkoth Scout says, "The dwarf works for us now!"
Frightened Adventurer: 'Hail to you <race>! You are in pursuit of the uruks? Your trail ends here, I am afraid: the ruins of Minas Elendúr that you see atop the cliffs here are crawling with the creatures, and with worse besides!
'Still you intend to scour the ruins? You are brave, my friend! If I cannot dissuade you, I at least will tell you what I have learned of the place. I will not myself journey there again, not for any sum! There are strange doings going on inside Minas Elendúr and it's cursed cellars, and I have seen enough to last me!'